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    hey lisa,

    Like you're description of self. Would go back and quote it - but this thread's acting funny. Or......Carmel's post was too risque' and was edited by system?

    Ha! Old Man!


  • serafin

    Hello everyone,

    Im rommel, 29 years old, hispanic living in miami. I was baptized at the age of 15, became a regular pioneer at 16 and a half, I asked to be disfellowshipped at age 21. Currently, Im finishing college, something my parents and the congregation discouraged me from undertaking. With God's help, I plan to write a book soon. Someday, I will post my story as an ex-JW for your amusement.

    your new friend,


  • waiting

    hey Serafin!

    Congratulations on finishing college! No small accomplishment, particularily without family/friends encouragement.

    Welcome to our forum - just jump right in!


  • Golgatha


    My name is Eric Williams. I was raised JW and left the "flock" when i turned 18. At 14 I began to question (to myself only) some of the rhetoric I was being taught at our local hall. I Auxillary Pioneered off and on for some time. I was used for talks at CA's and DC's for my fine example as a young JW. Meanwhile, I was struggling with many doctrinal issues. My home life was peachy compared to some experiences I have read. My step-father, a mentally and physically abusive man, was an MS at our local KH. Something happened in 1987 - 1988 that resulted in several elders there being removed from their positions. My step-father, apparently spearheaded their investigation by approaching our DO. I was never told why they were removed only that they were not following in line with Jehovah's will. Shortly thereafter our congregation life became mostly unbearable.

    I have noticed that nearly every congreagation especially in rural areas are controlled by one family, our congregation was no different. Two fleshly brothers were pretty much in control. They with turned their backs on our family, which turned much of the congregation silently against us. Due to this my family moved to Robinson, IL and beagn attending the Hall there. My father was viewed as a semi-celebrity. I was told what a good and spritually strong man he was, if only they would have come home with us! Things were considerably better in Robinson I met many fine people there, who even looking back on it today, I hold much respect and love for.

    I left in 1993 to live with my father in Houston, TX (he is not a witness). I had intentions to go to the KH's, but never did. I think sub-conciously I never planned to go back. Here I met "worldly people", and I discovered that they were not all out to hurt me, as I was led to believe growing up. I started using drugs as a way to numb the pain, uncertainty, self loathing and fear that seemed always to consume me. In 1994 I received a call from my mother informing me that my step-father was dying of cancer. She asked me to return home. I did.

    My step-father had died while I was on the flight there. My mother begged me to start attending meetings again. Since I knew she was under a lot of stress I agreed. I went before a meeting with the elders for them to determine what standing I could now have in the organization. I told them of my drug use, fornication, and other things. I was only admonished and publicly rebuked. Soon they had set me up with someone to study the bible with again. These studys were mostly hang out sessions with very little studying going on. I was actually interested learning more about the beliefs now that I had an education and the ability to think freely. But, after 3 "study sessions" they abruptly stopped.

    I am beginning to ramble, if not fully into a ramble. I am know completely sprerated from the religion for over 6 years. I have just recently been able to begin to finish the deprogramming project I started on myself at 14. I have built on my ability to think freely and now find life enjoyable.

    I look forward to good theological discussions from everyone here and hope that all will commiunicate frequently.


    AGAPE <-- "Couldn't JW's just have said 'love'? It's was those little thing that always bugged me"

    Eric Williams

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  • Carmel

    Welcome Eric!

    Since leaving the Masters of Mind Control, where has your theological investigations led you? As you will soon learn here, many are abandoning God and religion as a set of dirty words, quick to mouth friend Russell's claim that all religion is a snare and trap. Still others fall into the oft repeated 18th century protestant mantra that all organization is of the devil and God didn't intend for us to be organized.

    What's your take?


  • outnfree

    Hello, Eric!

    and welcome to the board.
    My children also questioned what they were hearing, and being "free thinkers" kept trying to tell me that it was all baloney before I was ready to hear.
    But now I am out and free, and lovin' it!
    Sounds like you were never baptized, so your mother has no reason to shun you -- a VERY good thing!
    I am sorry about the abuse suffered at the hands of your MS step-dad.
    I keep finding more and more of these stories where all is NOT well behind the scenes in the supposedly "spiritually strong" families.
    I am one of those Carmel mentions who is not sure anymore of God and definitely not sure that organization is a requirement for true worship.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you,

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Welcome to the board Eric, and anyone else I have missed because of the sheer influx of new ones!!
    Thanks for sharing everyone!

  • Tina

    Hi carmel,
    For those of us who have researched and given much serious thought to the whole concept of god. And have come to a personal conclusion that it doesnt exist for us,nor does any organized religion,I resent being compared to Russel and the term "falling into a trap".

    Im kinda surprised at the denigrating tone of your post.

    I wonder why you don't post this on the main forum. Can you handle the responses from others who have come to the conclusion I have?

    Tina WHo is sadly suprised at the intolerant sounding holier than thou sounding post from someone she thought wasn't like this.

  • Carmel

    Hi Tina,

    I think you read more into my questions than was there! Comparing you to CTR? Well, I've never intended that. Since my questions of Eric went un-answered, perhaps the wording was off-setting, although not intended to be.

    As to why the questions were posted here, it seemed to be a way of asking a person to share about themselves. Do you really think I wouldn't be able to deal with responses from the main board?


    BTW, likely is that the God you don't believe in, neither do I!

  • Tina

    Hi Carm,
    My apologies then if I read more into than what was there.

    Tina who flips another WHOOPS card on the table of life lol,hugs,Tina

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