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  • Steve Josef
    Steve Josef

    I was born and raised in Morris County. I don't live in Dover anymore, but that is where I basically grew up.

  • Daisymay

    Hi, I'm new! My JW story...My parents were converted young and married just as young at 16 - Mom and 23 - Dad. My mom left my dad (who was mentally/physically abusive) and she was DF'ed as a result. My younger sis, bro and I were raised by my father who was an elder and his wife - a very strict poineer in the Sierra Nevada's. I always apposed the org. for abandoning my mom w/the Disfellowshipping. My family was under constant physical threat from my father, so true resistance was not possible. I am truly thankful I was never baptised - a friend of mine in the congregation and I promised each other we would never do it b/c we knew we would be DF'ed eventually. Many kids got baptised to please their parents or look good to the cog. My father died at 41 of cancer and my siblings and I moved to WI to live w/my mom (I was 16 yr.s). A large price to pay for freedom. The WI elders came to visit and I told them thanks for the visit, don't ever come back again b/c my mom would never see us again (although she was DF'ed she still remains sympathetic) - she told them - you heard her, don't come back. So now I am happily married at 27 in Chicago, none of my immediate family is in "the truth" although some of my extended family is. I have recently begun to investigate the JW's as a cult - very liberating info.
    Nice to be here!

  • hoo

    Hi! PATIO,

    Are you the same PAT in Tim's Forum? We missed you!!!

    Warmest greetings and love to you from Malaysia


  • DanielHaase

    Nothing interesting here! I'm 24, live in south (Hattiesburg) Mississippi, and work as a child/adolescent psychiatric Registered Nurse. I was d/f'd @ around 20 for smoking before I could DS myself. Blah Blah.

  • patio34

    Hi Hoo,
    No, i'm sorry i'm not the Pat from Tim's forum. I think that's the 2nd time i've been asked that.

    Nice to make your acquaintance!

  • datsdethspicable

    I am from South Texas. 36. Kinda single, I have 2 kids 7 and 11. Born and raised, was disfellowshipped 7 yrs ago(guess^why). My whole family is still JDubs. Haven't talked to most in years. Still get to talk to my mom some and that is all that counts to me. They(JW) did me a favor by disfellowshipping me. I am so much happier now. I can actually breathe and not feel guilty about it or that I am not worthy of living. I actually have self-esteem now. Being shunned is nice, I don't have anything to say to them anyway.

  • Yadira Angelini
    Yadira Angelini

    "UUUUUUUYYYYYYYYY"!!!!! (Spanish expresion when one is scare)

    I'm scared to post on this thread, because through my daughter, Bluesapphire, I'm just beginning to learn the 'virtual' language used on this board... for instance, she just explained to me what 'fluff ' means.. and I'm good for that.

    But here I go! I'm risking only because is waiting's thread and she is great at getting people to talk deep thoughts. I am impressed about this thread's responses and very happy to hear from some of you so new and finally having the courage to share your experiences... but, enough of talking 'fluffing'.

    I was a JW before I was born... I mean, I was suppose to be a witness to this board. Just kidding.

    As some of you know, I'm here because one of my daughters is a JW... I have make many mistakes trying to get her out until I started visiting this site. I realized now that as she was single me out as worldly and weird in my beliefs, I was single her out as a radical cultist. I was treating her different than when she was not a JWs... I was labeling her and judging her and attacking her trough my behavior.... Then I joined this board and begin to learn from all of you and I have hope now... I am now only loving her as if religion doesn't exist between us.

    I'm 55 and I'm catholic, which gives me a complex on this forum. Just kidding. I'm from Costa Rica and soon planning on inviting everyone here to take a trip there... that's all... love to all, especially to waiting.


  • c5

    I am 27, from Minnesota. I left the JW's about 3 years ago. Some of my family still are in the JW's.
    Was basically "raised" in the org.
    I left for many reasons including the hypocracy of the JW's and how they did not satisfy my questions.

    Since leaving the JW's, I have made many changes in my life...I have never regretted leaving them. My life has drastically improved since getting out from their grasp.

    If I fail or if I suceed, at least I'll live as I believe.~~W.Houston

  • chezza

    Hello, i am 36, living in australia, was raised a witness in a divided house, am now disfellowshipped and finally have a real life.

  • recoveringexjw

    im 35 yrs old i was raised jw from ages 7-14.i went to a witness school for 2 years.i later turned to booze for comfort cuz jehova didnt exist.by the way im a guy.i joined the army got married. got kikd out of the army cuz of my drinking .got divorced.10yrs later went back in the army with 5 yrs sobriety.iv got 16 more years to serve before i retire.GOD"S name in my book is not jehova.its God or Father.

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