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  • Kristen

    I was raised in the organization from age 3, baptized at 16, married at 19 to a brother, and started fading away at 24. I'm currently inactive, and do not feel any compelling need to go back to the KH. When I first stopped going, I tried many times to try to get back into the swing of things but just couldn't. Soon I realized how differently I was being treated by the "loving" friends I thought I had, and realized other things that I never questioned before. The love and concern from the congregation stopped at the KH doors.

    Then like many others, I started reading everything I could find on the net and couldn't in good conscience keep living that life. Eventually I stopped going all together. Thankfully I started living life before I hit 30.

  • discombobulatedgirl

    Helo im not tht "new" I was sharing a name with my mommy but
    HHEELLOO to all ya'll new people hope you find this to be as comfy as cuddaling up in a blanlt on he bech with a good friend

    have fun


  • eyes_opened

    Hi all! 36 years old female. Married 14 years, 2 kids age 5. Raised as a JW from the age of 3. Husband also raised as a JW. Been inactive for 5 years now, have no plans on going back to the kingdom hall. I have never been happier in my entire life! The years I spent as a JW in retrospect were almost like being in prison. I feel as if though a huge weight has been lifted away from my heart and for the first time I'm free to think clearly and for myself!! No, I haven't used my freedom to out and do lot's of wild and crazy things..I'm still the same person I have always been..for better or worse *grin* The only difference is that I no longer walk around 24/7 feeling guilty for somehow not having done enough, or somehow having not pleased the God that JWs teach folks about.

    Hope to hear some of your stories too, new people out there! Pull up a seat and say hey


  • TR

    My short bio:

    I became a JW at age 23. Got married a year before to a fine Catholic girl. She was never a JW. Obviously it put a strain on our marriage for the next 11 years.

    Became an m.s., did the accounts at my Hall, dragged 3 little kids to the meetings most of the time. I wasn't able to strike a good balance between unbelieving family and cong. duties, so I stressed out and walked away. Fretted for my life for the next two years until I got on the net.

    I like to ride dirt bikes(shut up RHW!), play guitar, and dote over my fantastic kids and wife. I am the owner of a small and successful business. My kids are all honor students. Oldest daughter is a junior in high school and attends the local community college. Middle son is a freshman in high school, plays trumpet in jazz band, marching band and pep band. Youngest daughter is in 7th grade, is on the drill team, plays the violin in the orchestra. My wife works for the local Head Start program helping kids as a teachers aid, cook, etc.


  • rollercoaster

    O.K., here's some of my profile, I am 45, live in the NW of USA. I am inactive, and really don't want to be active ever again. Was baptized 18 years ago, df'd once, divorced and now a single parent. Found out a lot of things about the org., that I don't approve of. Discombobulatedgirl is my daughter. She's a wonderful person. (of course she should check her spelling):). I have to make new friends since I no longer talk to the JWs. (wonder why)

    Glad to meet everybody and look forward to a long friendship.


  • shalom

    Hi all,

    Waiting - I have just gotten Apocalypse Delayed out of the library and am going to read it as soon as I have finished Crisis of Conscience. Yes, I am going through a rapid deprogramming process! I was brought up a witness and stopped going to meetings when my mother was disfellowshipped and my sister and I were shunned with her! (My sister also posts here under the name Jezebel Influence). For six or seven years I lived in fear of Armageddon - until I discovered the internet and various literature that is revealing the 'real truth'.
    I have been reading posts here for a few months and been in to chat a few times and have just recently been brave enough to add a few posts of my own! Cheers (sipping my chardonnay)- heres to many more in the future!


  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Gotta' hand it to you Waiting you are a persistant little thing!
    Glad you started this new thread.
    I just turned forty one. And for the first time in my life I really feel alive and free.
    Was married for almost seventeen years in the Borg. Pretty awful experience. Divorced in May of 1998. Re-married in June of 2000 to a man who was never a witness. Best decision of my life. Right up there with leaving the Borg. Also in June of 2000.
    Re-learning everything. My husband says it is like living with someone who is doing everything for the first time!!! It is a wonderful feeling.
    Welcome to all of you Newbies whom I may have neglected because of the sheer amount of new posters!!
    Looking forward to meeting many new ones in addition to those I already know and love.

  • patio34

    Hi Waiting,

    Thanks for starting this thread! It's great to read intros of everyone--it really helps. Of course, your posts are always top-rate!

    I'm 54, live in southwest US, been a jw since 1973, and stopped attending a mere month ago. (My plan is to drift away quietly.) Stopped going because it was too difficult to read anything scientific without having so many questions raised re the bible, evolution, and just plain reason.

    I've had doubts ever since becoming a jw and kept ignoring them. Not any more!

    I had colorectal cancer 2 yrs ago if anyone has any desire to discuss that.

    Raised 4 kids after divorce 20 years ago, 2 are 'in' and 1 df'd, and 1 never in.

    My interests now are trying to learn answers to 5 questions: 1) Did evolution happen? 2) Is the Bible true or borrowed mythology? 3) Is the WTBS teaching the Bible truthfully? 4) Who am I really now that the bible may not be my mold? 5) Is there a creator?

    The journey is fascinating. This board is so helpful to have folks to talk to about these issues!

    Keep those great posts coming!


  • mommy

    Thanks Waiting
    My short story,(HA)
    Raised in org, pioneered with my parents until I started school. Developed a great fear of dogs and walking up to houses Our family moved to where the need was great(big mistake) My father wasn't appointed an elder at the new hall, and this was when his spirituality started to be questioned. My mom was very persitent and we all kept going. My dad was eventually DF and consequently reinstated. We went to alot of different halls, met alot of people.
    I started to see the problems with love in the congregations, it really wasn't just a particlular hall, but all of them. It was then I realized that this was coming straight from the top, and became very disenchanted.
    I had an abusive boyfriend(active Jw) who eventually drove me to leave the state. I was staying with my "wordly" family who were christians. My eyes were open to what Christlike really means.
    I have been out for 8 years. A couple years ago I started questioning myself. I thought I would be in BIG trouble if the Jw's are right. I then contacted the local hall, explained my situation..Baptized, and inactive for 6 years. I requested to study. They sent over a very sweet couple and I studied for almost a year. I never could in my heart tell them not to come back..they were just too sweet. But I did move out of the area...freedom once again
    I was brainwashed into thinking that the Jw's are the only link to God. And as an adult I visited several churches looking for thatlink. But now I know the path that is right for me. I don't need anyone organization to have a relationship with him.
    OK so why am I here? I am new to the web just a few months ago I found this place. All the feelings I had when I left came rushing back. I don't feel like I am alone. No these thoughts don't rule my life, but it is so great to be able to converse with people who know what I am talking about. And it is great to realize I am not evil fo rhaving these thoughts.
    My mom is still in My Dad left her a few years ago, and turned in his DA letter as well. Poor guy wanted out fo rso long. I am glad he finally has his freedom. Sad thing is our relationship is nonexistent. I can't find him! He doesn't want to be found...which I understand completly. Sevonofnine gave me some great advise on finding him. But still haven't heard from him yet, he is still lost.
    SO am I happy to have left this org? Definatly, it saddens my heart to know just how many lives have been hurt by them. I hate to hear the stories of families broken, lives lost, innocense of children destroyed. I am so glad I found Simon's and all th epeople her that I have grown to love

  • DazzlingKitl

    Hi ALL!!!

    I am new to this...just joined in a chatroom last week and met a several guys/gals. I am 46 years old and live in Texas, happily married to my cyber husband. LOL I was never baptized as one of jws...thank God! But I still dwell on paradise and armaggedon, however, I lead a normal life. By the way, I have two children, 19 yo son and 14 yo daughter, both are very liberated as well. To amend to this: I am a hearing impaired.


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