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  • outnfree

    Welcome Free, reagan & Preston!

    The courage shown by all to keep each one's own personal integrity
    intact despite the heartache that has resulted is what brings me back time and again to this site.

    I can't think of a better group of persons to spend time with!

    PS What do the initials LAMBDA stand for?

  • outnfree

    Oops! I see I missed welcoming Jez, Jurs, and Monica, too!

    Sorry about that! I've already enjoyed many of your posts.


  • waiting

    The Introduction threads are so helpful to us all - hopefully?

    I, who have been here waaaaay toooooo long, enjoy learning some about our New Guys (here in usa - "guys" is used for men/women. Another in our long list of peculiarities.) However, in the usa south, y'all are "y'all". We don't discriminate on the matter of gender - at least in this one phrase (southerners do in just about everything else).

    So - for those who haven't joined in, please do. I love to learn a little about y'all.

    On the first Hello? Hello? thread (I think there's 3 of them in the history search), some of the Old Guys give their background. Not a pretty read (some of us can't type) - but Carmel's is pretty funny.

    Welcome y'all!!!!


  • Preston

    Hi outnfree, LAMBDA is not qa set of intitials iit is just the name for my org. on campus. The Lambda symbol (Greek letter for L) signifies change justice.

  • Josh

    Hi,I'm a 33 yrs old male in Canada,inactive but still associated because I'm married.Three years ago the PO
    wrote a letter to all the men in the congregation(baptized and unbaptized)informing them of what their
    service average hours were and those of us under 10 hours had our privileges revoked immediately totally based on this
    10 hours rule.When we questioned it,the elders all banded together,although this was the work of one man.We got no real answers about this hypocrisy and we branded complainers.Well,since then about 40% of the congregation has moved
    away and many of us have either just quit or become inactive.There was 0 discipline for this elder causing
    so much damage.I have since been asking other questions,which no one wants to answer.
    This has been a major eye-opener which I have described in very short detail but I believe you can all
    understand things like this happen all the time,then they rush to keep it quiet.

  • waiting

    Howdy Josh,

    I can see that elder doing that - it happens around here with regularity - "no 10 hours - no ms." However, they don't put it in writing around here, but it happens.

    I'm inactive in good standing - staying that way because I don't want to make it any harder on my family still in the org. And I want to visit with them as family.

    Welcome, and hope you stay around. The more the merrier.


  • LDH

    HA HA HA Waiting, who is Inactive and in Good Standing. He he he I am Inactive and of the May Be Apostate Class Watch Her.

    Perhaps it's time to ask Focus to post his 'Class' list. LOL

  • Carmel
  • Thirdson

    Test to edit later

    'To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing'

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Welcome to all!! So great reading everyone's backgrounds. Hope to hear more from everyone!

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