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  • waiting

    How do you like this? Simon did away with the Sex Forum - so I must take the tradional route and post under "Make New Friends." How mundane!

    FYI ---- for all of us, please take the time to write a sentence or two about yourselves, and encourage new ones to do the same. It really does help us all.

    And ---- welcome to all the new ones, we will try not to offend, but sometimes that's awfully hard. My only caution for the newbies is Beware of RedHorseWoman (she believes she's a goddess - we humor her, but stay out of her reach, nonetheless.)

    Welcome to all - and please participate?


  • waiting

    Well......fancy that! I'm the first!

    Howdy. I'm 50 & a woman in southern usa. I and my husband have been jw's for 30/45 years respectively, inactive in good standing. Left totally 1 year ago - and have no intentions of going back. Cherish my freedom too much.

    I'm reading "Apocalypse Delayed" by Jim Penton right now - he's a retired college professor who was df'd for asking too many questions and reading/investigating the history/sociology of jw's. Very interesting (many big words.....)

    God cannot alter the past. That is why He had to create so many historians. Samuel Butler

    Wecome to all!


  • LucidDreamer

    Hi Waiting,

    I'm am also a woman (42) and in the southern U.S. I'm a senior at Virginia Tech (GO HOKIES!). Yes, I'm one of those who is getting her education late in life since leaving the Org. (13 years ago).

    After this degree, I want to get into graduate school and get a masters in English. I'd love to teach it! School takes pretty much all of my time, so I really don't have much else to talk about at this point - dull, huh? Anyway, it's nice to meet you.


  • waiting

    hey dreamer,

    It seems that you're making your dreams into realities! Congratulations - my son's in college - and he thinks it's dull after a while also.

    Nice to meet you. Lindy (poster) is in college also - and about your age.

    Hope you hang around, teach us something, eh?


  • Carmel

    Well heck Waiting honey,

    Since you're practically talking to yourself here, I thought I'd say something for you to smack me up side the head over..

    In case the rest of you don't know, old wrinkle face, aka "waiting" seems to have to pick on me and that red headed lady Godiva from Jersey! Rest assured she'll have some original quote to try and embarrass me in front of everyone, just like the cong. serv. used to do to me! I sure do wish vemen were able to be elders and cong. servs. I may have stayed around and took the punishment a little longer.

    Here's a big sloppy kiss fer ya 4 Eyes!!


  • waiting

    Well, hey sweetpea!

    Yeah, looks like we're lost in the shuffle. However, I did resurrect the old sexy Hello? Hello? Introduction post - are you on it?

    For any/all - the above mentioned post tells a little about a lot of us. I'm going to go see who's still here and who ain't.

    Sign in?

    waiting with a big wet smooch for my cave man.

  • d0rkyd00d

    HI. I'm 16 years old, and i was baptized at age 10. Not really a sufficient understanding of the bible was needed, just one of the watchtower's rules and regulations. When i was 15, my older sister, who was baptized with us as a family, started cutting herself due to fear of armageddon. she opened the door for me. after she left, i followed, and my parents followed after that. we faded thank god, so no shunning came upon me. I did lose my best friend, but i now realize that he was only my best friend partly because we shared the same religion. I just wish i could've saved him. anyways, nice to meet everybody.

  • waiting

    hey dood,

    Nice to meet you. I've met several people in the past couple of years who were "cutters." One therapist told me that inner stress and the need to release and/or feel can cause it. Kinda like that with burning also. Glad you and your family came out of the Borg ok.

    All of us have different stories, but one thing in common - we were duped big time. But a lot of the people here have really been hurt by the actions of the WTBTS.

    Glad to have you here - I've seen some of your posts already. Keep 'em coming!


  • ShaunaC

    Here's my support for your thread, Waiting. (I always love your posts!)

    I am 26 years old. (turning 27 next month, ugh!) I was DF'd in January of 1999. I told my story many times, so I'll spare ya today!

    All I want to say is that I'm learning to be happier than I've ever been. Still trying to re-record the JW tapes playing in my head, but being very successful at it! I savour the freedom of thought & action I have now. Even as a JW, I tried to be open minded and was never easily offended. Now I'm free to let that part of me really shine through.

    I'm thankful for all of the friendships I've developed through this board. I speak to many of you in the chat room, others I greatly enjoy conversing privately with on MSN Messenger (kisses to ISP, Deceit & Bigboi) and I've been fortunate enough to even meet LDH in person (Girl, I miss ya! Let's do lunch next week!) I admire so many of you here! Your experiences I relate to. Your intelligence makes me think. Your loving kindness moves me deeply.



  • Casper


    A little about myself, I'm 45 yrs. old... I don't really
    know what I am..concerning JW's. I was baptised 17 years
    ago, just stopped going 3 years ago, I guess I am what you
    would call "in-active". Had some very major traumatic things
    happen to me during my life. Happily re-married to a great
    guy that is NOT at JW, thank goodness. We are into dirt-track
    racing, actually my whole family is. I have two daughters..
    and the list goes on.......LOL

    I feel "Lost" and in "Limbo"....alot of bottled up feelings
    that need aired...so I can Move On...!!!!!

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