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  • troucul

    lmao that outnfree understood my name....anywho, i guess i am an a-hole in the eyes of the elders in my old cong. don't matter anymore.

    what matters is i'm going to school and getting a degree (a french major....lol...imagine that OUT?)still resentful that the choice wasn't even given to me when i was a teenager. it still gets my blood boiling. not only that, i lost ten years of talking to my brother because he got d'fed when we were younger. called him up a couple years ago for the first time. he was a hurtin unit. great deal of satisfaction knowing that i was the source of healing in our family.
    once i started talking to him, then my parents let him back into their life. he lives far away, but when we get together now, it's a really fun time. if you told me five years ago i would be this happy, i'd tell you to mange la merde.

    anywho, i love reading everyone's stories. they hit me right in the bread basket everytime.

    peace out

    je pense, donc, je suis

  • waiting

    hello troucul,

    Nice to meet you. Congratulations on helping your family to reunite where it should have been in the first place. So many families have been unnecessarily ripped apart by the WTBTS. Glad your family survived!

    Hope you and the other new ones will continue to post here. The more the merrier, or the more arguing we do. Whatever - welcome.


  • Lovingkindness

    Hello Eric

    Carmel failed to also mention that many who are posting here have kept our faith in God, Jesus, and the Bible. ( at least the same Jesus with the name we have come to know, but who Carmel now, no longer believes in. (Bahai's goal is to get Christians from following the same Christ of the Bible. I know this because, I have a friend who left the WTS and his son also left, but strangely, his son became a strong Bahai follower. They believe that Christ has already returned, in the flesh who's name is Bahaiula, (something like that) If you want to learn what the Bahai believe, I also have a dear friend who spent many years as a Bahai (never actually became a JW) until it dawned on him that we have to look for the very same Christ who came, who has the very same name he appeared with, because Peter said at Acts 4:12 .." Furthermore, there is no salvation in anyone else, for there is not another name given among men by which we must get saved." Yes, our salvation is through only Jesus, and his name, yet the Bahai are preaching a Jesus who has a different name. ( Bahaiula ) Who they claim has already returned to earth in the spirit of Jesus. But why would they also try to undermine the faith of Christians to believe and put faith in a someone who claims to be our Savior but with a different name? My exBahai friend would be more than willing to share his experience with you. If anyone is interested, please e-mail me and I will share his e-mail address.

    Keep the Christian faith,


  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Welcome to all the new one's. Sorry it isn't by name. Just too many!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Cautious

    I just came back to this thread for the first time since I posted here, thanks for the welcome everyone, and for the enouraging words. And thank you all for your experiences. This is a great thread.

    I loved the "male overlord" comment Carmel - it is so accurate, and the "twisted sisters" - lol, reminds me of so many MS wives .

    No dins, I never thought I'd get a degree, I was such a good little witness that I didn't even finish high school. What did your Grandmother end up doing? I wish I'd woken up to that shunning rubbish alot earlier.

    Is your girlfriend talking to you yet freddi?

    troucul, I hope that you keep being this happy, and enjoy your secular study. If your experience is anything like mine, it will be a bit more eye opening than studying for the WT study.

    I hope this thread keeps going
    Cautious - who has been having a great time at this board (thanks Simon

  • Carmel

    Dear Lovingkindness,

    You are 100% correct that there were several things I did not say to Eric. First, they would be inappropriate here as I don't believe this is the place to be promulgating my beliefs as a Baha'i. If Eric or anyone else is interested they can go to i.org> and look for themselves. As to your understanding of the Baha'i beliefs re; Jesus, I would recommend you do your homework a little more thoroughly than second-hand hearsay from someone who apparently did or does not understand the Baha'i teachings regarding Jesus.

    Long before I discovered the Baha'i Faith I gave up the exclusivist intrepretation of the Bible re: Jesus and His station as a Christ. I believe you are very sincere in your anthropomorphic renderings and I have no desire to change those. You are perfectly content with them as are millions of other believers. I would suggest though, that if you wish to further your castigation of a religion and its followers that you at least do the basic research to the point that you can spell the names thereof.


  • waiting

    hey carmel - you go boy.

    I was going to reply to the post about your religion, but seeing that you've never spoken about it in any detail here or on H20 - I was kinda in the dark about it. I'm sure with your college degrees background and your authority within your own religion, you could have gone a round or two with us here, eh?

    Seems to me you have mentioned that you've been in that religion for over 25 years. Has it calmed you down any?


  • Carmel

    hey grandma,

    my wife keeps trying but it ain't happenin!


  • pearljan


    this is my first time posting on this board. i have been reading on the jw sight for a while now, though, and really appreciate seeing that there are others who feel and have gone through similar experiences. anyhow, i've been df'd for several years. i had several disigreements with especially the P.O.in our congreguation, he had such a controlling personality. the funny thing is that just before i got df'd, a sister helped me get a job at a local bank. i needed to have insurance on myself, my kids already had insurance. anyhow, i had no idea how many witnesses were working there, which i found out ofter i was df'd, ofcourse. so, it was an uncomfortable working enviroment, needless to say. then in may of last year, i had congestive heart failure, and was hospitlized. it ended up that i had kidney failure (because of lupus). well, since i just went through life and death, i prayed to god to let me know if i was wrong about being a witness, let me know in some way. well, at the end of the summer, i finally went home, and my dear sweet friend, who was a sister, shows up at my door. i said, "why are you here?", and she said "i'm sorry it took me so long." she started to come and visit me on a regular basis. then she told me an interesting story of how she and another sister (the one who helped me get my job) went to the elders and asked them to visit me in the hospital, since they couldn't go themself. and the elders replyed "why should we" CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT ONE???well, i would say that my prayer was answered, wouldn't you!!!!!alot of witness knew i was severly ill, and i'm a single mother with 2 teenagers, and no one came to do anything. now, thats showing the love jesus showed, isn't it? so, today, i'm doing much better, i'm working on getting on the kidney transplant list, and i'm so much happier not being in that judmental orginazation. i am greatful to have a place to post this also, keep up the good work everyone.

  • waiting

    Howdy jan,

    I'm sorry for your jw experience. Heck, I'm sorry for my jw experience!

    But there is a life - and in many ways much better - after the jw braindead time.

    It's become really busy around here - just jump in and take off swimming. Be careful of Carmel - he *says* he's a good diver, even excellent.

    I'm not holding my breath on *that* one........


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