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  • outnfree

    Now that the Emperor--- er, ahh, um... EmPRESS -- has spoken, I can do this


    So glad you finally decided to post!

    Luv ya kiddo!

    Take waiting's advice and just jump right in. Maybe wade into chat this evening, too!


  • think41self

    Just wanted to add my WELCOMES to all the new ones, too.

    I've only been here a couple months, so I consider myself a newbie too, as everyone has said...just jump in whenever you feel comfy.


  • Skimmer

    Hello pearljan and thank you for posting your story.

    It is sad but true that the friendship of the JW "friends" is conditional and so not real friendship at all. And it's even harder that a person finds out about this usually at the worst time.

    Last week my stepfather (not a JW) passed away unexpectedly and my mother has been much upset as you can imagine after a 23 year marriage. Although my mother is not a JW she did once study with them; she really could have used some consolation from the JWs in her family but none will talk to her, probably because they won't talk to me. I arranged the funeral myself (hadn't even done this before) and it would have been very helpful to have some assistance or at least an expression of sympathy. But none came from the the JWs in her family and knowing what I know, I wasn't surprised. Although my stepfather was not a Catholic, I am and so I got a very kindly Catholic priest to perform the funeral service as I figured it was the best send-off I could manage.

    I hope you have good fortune getting a kidney. I signed up as an organ donor years ago when I got my first driver's license and I recommend the same to all. My mother had my stepfather's organs donated; it is important to us as a family as my sister is near death now waiting for a new liver. Organ transplantation is a wonderful thing and I hope that all reading this might consider it for themselves. The donation process is handled with great respect and and the gift of life is the most awesome gift of all. It is unfortunate that the WTBTS banned transplantation for thirteen years; it's saddening to think many JWs died as a result and also how many non-JWs died because JW organ donation was also banned.

  • pearljan


    i want to thank everyone for the warm welcome and encouragment. skimmer, thank you for sharing your life with us. i'm sorry about your step-father, i know when someone passes, the ones who are left miss them terribly. and you poor mother, to deal with her husband and daughter. how long has your sister been on the transplant list? i know a liver is so much harder than a kidney. cant they do a partial liver transplant, do any of your family match? i atleast have dialysis 2X per week (i just reciently went from 3X, i almost have a life again) was your sister a witness? when you go through life and death, everything is different, isn't it? i would like to hear how your sister is doing every once in a while, i will be praying for her, and your family. take care skimmer

  • Skimmer

    Hello pearljan:

    The doctors say that my sister's liver function is too far gone for a partial transplant to be effective, so they are very much hoping for a whole liver soon. Fortunately, she has never had anything to do with JWs, so she is being kept alive in part due to regular transfusions. Her husband is extremely supportive and always does his best to help take care of her and is very patient. I have hope for her but I am also realistic that the chances aren't too good because of there being relatively few persons willing to sign up for postmortem donation.

    It has been hard for my mother as in the last two years she lost her father, her brother, and her husband.

    So, everyone should try to enjoy their family while they have one, and then trust in God when he sees fit to call them home.

  • Wounded Heart
    Wounded Heart

    Skimmer, Pearljan,

    i have some knowledge of what you both are going thru. i have a close relative whos husband needs a liver transplant. we have watched him go downhill and he is just now been approved for the transplant program. it is very frustrating to know that it will take a few years or more before he will probably get a liver. im so sorry to hear of the difficulties you both are going thru. please know that i am keeping both of you and your families in my prayers and thoughts.

    i also thought you might like to read Waiting's post entitled "DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING". it is exactly what you encouraged people to do....not to spare any time appreciating your family, friends, etc. the link is: * http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=6302&site=3
    oh behalf of every patient who needs a transplant, regardless of what kind, thank you for sharing your stories and encourcouraging others to become donors.


    Wounded Heart

    Love by giving to & accepting others unconditionally = true, pure love

  • missy

    I am a female in Florida, 35 years young. I am married to a JW. Hubby became a JW a little over 2 years ago and was baptised this past February. I am doing the best I can under the circumstances. There are many times, such as holidays, that are lonely. Someone told me to post my story here, think I will. It has come to be very therapeutic to openly discuss it.
    Hope to make some new friends,


  • waiting

    hey y'all!

    [b]"Dance like there's no one watching" was sent to me by my sister, who had cancer. She's doing quite well, but is still bothered a lot by the surgery aftermath.

    The story hits so close to home. We save so much "for later". Laughing, phone calls, hugs, good food, good clothes, good ......., even our children.

    Well, enough of the morose.....WELCOME!!!!!

    It's a good place to talk about all kinds of things. A *bit* bumpy right now with a lot of arguing, etc. But it goes away, then comes back later, goes away....... "don't pay no 'tention if y'all don't wanna."

    As for a mate in the org - and missing holidays, I'm sorry this has happened to you. Patience if you're so inclined is needed - a lottttt of patience.

    Feel free to plunge right in!


  • Cautious

    Hi All

    I hope I can hear more from you soon. I still consider myself a newbie here too, but haven't had any trouble jumping in. (Mind you, there are some posters who who I don't bother with, but I think you would know who they are .)

    Missy, you must be going through some trying times. I'm sure you'll get a lot of support here.


  • myMichelle

    Hello to all the new posters!

    Thought I'd check in on the Emperor's Hello thread, and it sure has grown.

    Missy: There are a few nonJWs with JW spouses posting here, myself included. I think it is extremely therapeutic to be able to share the frustrations, loneliness, etc with people who understand "where" you are coming from. Your friends and family can be sympathetic, but oftentime have a hard time understanding the chasm that develops between spouses when one becomes a member of the Organization.

    There is a lot of information about the WTS and its teachings on this site and others (Freeminds and Shawn's research on the WTS come to mind), along with suggestions of "do's" and "don'ts" when trying to present this information to your spouse. I know I managed to wrack up a lot of the "don'ts" and manage to drive my husband further into the Organization, and it took a while to repair that damage. It's only been four months since your husband's baptism, and I know I was still walking around feeling like I had been kicked at that time--hopefully you have been able to avoid the "don'ts" better than I.

    My email is unlocked if you would like to use it. I'll be watching for you around the board.

    Again, welcome to all.

    The most deadly of all sins is the mutilation of a child's spirit. -Erik H. Erikson

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