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  • waiting


    How did the subject get changed from "HELLO......" to "while you're dog paddling....."

    CARMEL!!!!!! was that YOU?????

    And don't be too sure you could lap me at anything, ya ol goat. I'm younger than you - and shorter.

    Well, anyway, it really is nice to meet everyone! Tax Day is coming up shortly in the ol usa - might make for some short tempers 'round here!

    {helpful information posted on the official Internal Revenue Service Web site} Illegal income, such as stolen or embezzled money, must be included in your gross income.


  • Carmel

    Waiting sweets,

    You remind me of the highschool foot ball coach we had. At the end of the season we had the awards assembly and in his masterful speach about our highly successful season (we won twice) he bragged about us saying "we may be small, but were slow". Dog Paddleres should not be so eager to brag!

    cheeers and have fun 1040ing! Did my one pager in early january! Tut Tut!!


  • Wounded Heart
    Wounded Heart

    hey caveman....carmel

    actually wounded heart is near wounded shoulder as i do where my heart on my sleve at times. heeeheeeheee.

    ...picking on the old waiting warrior and sometimes there's collateral damage to the onlooking gallery~ She's an old wrinkled battle axe who has one foot in the grave and draggin the other around

    if what you say is true poor waiting must get dizzy---what with running around in circles an all. she doesnt seem to be dizzy in what she posts so im taking your comments with a dose of salt. please forgive me...i couldnt help it!

    Wounded Heart

  • Wounded Heart
    Wounded Heart

    thinkers wife,

    thank you for such a warm welcome. was nervous about sharing such intimate feelings/situations but am very glad i did. you are right, it did take alot to post. your comments help me feel better about sharing such things.

    i look forward to getting to know you better.

    Wounded Heart

    Love by giving to & accepting others unconditionally = true, pure love

  • vsecret939

    Hello all. I'm new and have been chatting and reading posts for the past week or so. I did't used to like to tell people about myself because everyone I told thought that I was crazy. But its funny how that doesn't matter when the person you're telling is on the other side of a computer screen. Anyway, I'm 22, I have two beatiful boys(ages 1 and 2), and a common law husband who is trilled that I have finnally woke up and realized that my perfect organazation is anything but that. I was raised around the truth, baptized at 16, became inactive at 17(which is still what I am considered "officially"), and woke up at 21. I was molested at age 6 by unknown individual, but the elders told my mom she was making it up. I watched my dad beat my mom and the elders told my mom she must have done something to deserve it. At age 15 I had an affair with one of the 40 year old, marride members of the congergation who taught me how to give a blow job (I didn't know what the term meant before that). That same year my mother took me out of high school because she said that the kids were a bad influence on me. The next school year I get back in, but have to drop out again to get a job because my mother is suffering from depression and won't go to work and the elders, suprise, suprise, say thay she brought all her problems on herself. After that I went to live with my dad, who used to be an elder and a bethelit but is know inactive, and my life really started to get interesting. I'll skip a lot of gory details, but eventually I met my husband and things started to get better (I met him at the age of 17 but we didn't really become an item till after I was 18). But that's basiclly it (edited for younger audiences). And now, I believe I see God's hand in my life now more than when I was an active member in good standing in the organization. And my husband is happy because now he says we can worship God together our own way, when that wasn't possible before. Anyway, I feel I've started to ramble, so I'll end this with thanks to whoever created this site.

    victoria's secret?

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    I know how difficult it can be to express our deep-seated feelings. Especially when we have been taught to repress them for so many years. This is a good place to start. And it helps in the healing process. You just keep up the good work.
    Welcome to the board V. Your post brought up many visions of some things that happened to me at the ripe old age of seventeen in the org. Very disturbing. Glad you are happy now!!

  • mommy

    Thank you all for posting your stories, I know how difficult it is. Now I feel like a cop out for not giving you my entire story, perhaps another day. Welcome to the board all of you, and I hope you are helped as much as I have been.
    This place is getting so busy. I sure have benefitted from the love I feel here. Thank you all

  • Carmel


    I think you are catching on! Old Waiting, (her fan club calls her 4Eyes) tried taking my comments with a large dose of salt, unfortunately her hubby had ground up the Viagra and stored it in the brass salt shaker. She's been hounding the poor guy to death, curled his straight black hair into kinky blond. He finally ran off to serve in a monestary to get away from women, poor lad...

    Now here second husband looks 15 years older than his real age and old 4eyes in out chasing Redhorsewoman.. actually I think she likes her roan!

    well, enough for now. she's probably trying to think up some way of blowing up my computer for my "dog paddling" thingy!


    BTW, try some redhot on that sore shoulder :-)

  • Introspection

    Hi Victoria, just want to welcome you and thank you for sharing your story. I'm sure you'll find a lot of support here.


  • ZazuWitts

    Welcome to: Wounded Heart and Victoria

    Very glad you posted; looking forward to your participation on future/other threads.

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