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  • waiting

    awe..........just saw this thread while looking in the Statistics (thanks Simon).........

    so many great people!

    free your mind, your ass will follow ---your friend bernard

    so many great thinkers!

  • oldcrowwoman

    Hi my name is Old Crow Woman from the land of frozen TundraVisit My Mail Stamp!. What is Minnie-soda. As Mustang would say. The extention of Canada. It's in Minnie-nowhere as a co-worker would say.Visit Smiley Central! No actually its Minneapolis.

    Let see before jw land I was a hippie. A rebel without a cause. No I participated in the anti-war movementVisit Smiley Central!. My family thought I went to the farside. Which is where I had been most of my life.Visit Smiley Central! I really was'nt out of characterVisit Smiley Central!.

    I was in jw land for 14 yrs. Which my family thought I had gone over the edgeVisit Smiley Central!. DA'ed my

    self and been out for 21 yearsVisit Smiley Central!It's been a rollor coaster ride. In a good way.Visit Smiley Central! I get to smell the flowers.

    Anyway I wrote this piece cause I di'dnt want to go into the discertation on abusive matters. Sometimes I just want to skim over issues in life. Maybe as time goes on I will add more to the piece of my lifeVisit Smiley Central!


  • Brummie

    Hello I'm brummie, I'm new here and an angel to boot....not.

    I just wanted to get on waitings thread.

  • waiting

    I know a lot of posters on this thread have come & gone - but that shows one truth of a good internet forum.............people come & go as they please.

    Particularily for xjw's - this is a fascinating freedom, if we don't like this forum.....go to another. Make your own, watch more tv, whatever.

    OCW - we've ALL enjoyed your posts around here - glad you're around.

    Brummie, I read that you were from a place called Brum or Brumme? Thus, the name, eh? Wherever you're from - you're a welcomed person around here.....and other forums too.

    Thanks for joining in..............


  • Fe2O3Girl

    The furry fellow is from Brumajum. Maybe he's an escapee from Dudley Zoo??

    Hey, Brum - Do you know Dave Hill?

  • Brummie

    Fe203, lol, they wouldnt allow me in Dudley Zoo. I do know Dave Hill, I became aquainted with him & his wife during Wolverhampton conventions while working on the car parks. His children had the same hairstyle as his, crooked fringe etc. I havent seen them for years.

    Thanks waiting ((( ))))

    Have to rush off line

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