Shocking talk from 2013 District Convention urges parents to shun disfellowshipped children

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  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    So when a disfellowshipped woman turned up at my door one night, cold, wet and shaking because she'd just tried to kill herself and didn't know where else to turn, I shouldn't have brought her into my house and sat her down to talk. I should have shut the door on her. If I had have, I'd have proven my 'loyalty to Jehovah' and this woman would be dead.

    Sick indeed.

    I really believe I saved her life that night. How many will die as a result of this ramped-up shunning rhetoric?

  • Skinnedsheep

    I know Steve Bell. He is a lifer that is working in the writing dept. For some reason I think that he is an assistant to the GB. I wouldn't be surprised if he is partaking. That guy loves himself and creates the garbage that destroys families. His only Brother was an MTS grad if I remember.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Assistant to GB = Future GB

  • 144001

    First, a big thanks to Cedars for this great clip!!!!!

    Now, on to the content. It made me nauseous listening to the programming session that the mentally enslaved were subjected to at the district convention. Life "isn't always rosy" when you're a Jehovah's Witness? He got that wrong. He should have said that life is NEVER rosy if you're unlucky/stupid enough to be part of this freak show.

    As for the speaker, he is the human equivalent of raw sewage. I could not be in the same room with him. He stinks.

  • Finkelstein

    Man thats some heavy weighted brainwashing.

    This guy is really putting the loyalty to the organization which he really superimposes the phrase loyalty to Jehovah.

    He sounds like those power sickening weasels I used to know when I was JW.

    Why and for what reason are the leading heads of this organization doing this and have been doing this

    for so long now.

    Answer : for the all the assuming power, control and money.

    Lure people in with lies and culpable deceit, then exploit them for work and money.

    This is a corrupt devious religious cult , through and through.

  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply

    The Narcissist will USE you as long as you provide narcissistic supply to them. They will use you as long as you provide opportunity for them.

    When you no longer provide them opportunity they will cut you off because they are not getting the narcissistic supply. They may go away for several months. They may stalk you and harass you. they may surrender and promise to do anything for a period of time in order to reestablish the relationship. But it’s only for a time. Above all they have to have their narcissistic supply and they cannot be helped. They establish inverted mirrors or co dependencies with the people in their life and they pretty much cut all other people off. And if you don’t succumb to this inverted mirror co dependency then they will cut you off. It’s as simple as that. And they will do this to everyone in their life. This is not unlike the jehova witness clan and what they teach their corporate constituents. It’s exactly the same process. How a JW treats it’s non compliant victims and how a Narcissist treats it’s inverted mirrors that refuse to provide narcissistic supply is exactly the same.


    The guy sounds crazy to me. I could never be around people like that. Even before I learned TTATT, I could spot these psycho's. I had no desire to be near them, and would not kiss a**. That's why I was never appointed to any position. I am so thankful for that. They are twisted.

  • losingit

    Ha! Just showed the video to my friend who is not a JW. I declared, "tonight's entertainment will be a talk from the Dc." "You've got to be kidding me!" LOL "Well, u have to hear the crap I heard when I went. And remember, this is the kind of stuff you're only goong to hear at DCs where the hardcore J dubs go." We sit and start to liste. head shaking the entire time. Then, when we get to the end and the quote comes up. My friend says, "Exactly!" Only to see that the quote is from the Awake. Shock, that was written all over my friend's face. The end.

  • Bells

    Wow. Just wow.

    I don't know how the whole convention thing works, having never been a Witness myseld (though I did go to a big assembly once - it was kinda weird and very boring)

    Anyway - i'm just wonderinf - is it a set program? Will there be a similar talk at the conventions held in Australia for example..?

    Is a DC the same thing as an assembly..??

  • whathappened

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am glad I am not forced to shun my loved ones any longer, now that i am out. I shunned my mother in law and father in law and they died before I found out ttatt. They were disfellowshipped for smoking in the early 70's. My husband and I only let them see our daughter once a year for a couple of hours. This went on for twenty years. I feel deep regret for my ignorance, there is nothing I can do now. People wonder why I hate the Watchtower Society, this is just one of the many reasons why.

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