Shocking talk from 2013 District Convention urges parents to shun disfellowshipped children

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  • Invetigator74

    I don't remember if this was asked , but does anyone know if Stephen Bell has children?

  • frankiespeakin

    He's a Bethelite and he sounds rather young so that would make having children highly unlikely.

  • Pistoff

    May Stephen Bell have his own family; then hopefully karma will have his teenage children be disfellowshipped, so he can show his great courage and righteousness in shunning them.

    Oh the courage it takes to self righteously walk by the great unwashed with your nose in the air.

    I can hear his annoying voice now:

    "No speaking to the fornicators for me, no sir!

    Nor the smokers, or masturbaters, or druggies.

    Oh, wait, my child never had sex and was still df'd?

    And the elders refused to return his calls?

    Still, he must have deserved it!!

    Wait, he was df'd for not telling ALL details the first time, no new bad behavior, just went to them again to clear his conscience? No sex, no drugs, no theft, no apostasy? Just took 2 trips to tell all details of pretty harmless touchy feely?

    Well, that is some real wickedness there."

  • cedars

    Nearly 13,000 views in little over three days. Word is getting out!

    Thanks to all who have shared this video.


  • Scully

    Not sure how this happened but the video was passed along to The Thinking Atheist site owner, who then posted it on his personal facebook page.

    He is looking for information for a JW related podcast, so I'm sure it will be featured when he's ready to present his podcast.

  • frankiespeakin

    Great the more it get out the better. These guys on the Governing Body don't have a kind bone in their body(no pun intended), these things they broadcast at asemblies and printed matter prove it is Corporation business first They don't even care about the amount of suffering it causes emotionally it is corporation first, they are sick mentally and it is all because they can't face reality-> Hello wake up your not some sort of Faithful Slave your a Delusional Slave to a Mean Cruel God, sock puppet of the Corporation Jehovah, who would sooner kill you as look at you, a jealous Deity out for blood so he can advenge himself from dishonor and lack of obediance. All from a collection of books filled with bronze age ignorance of jealous national Deities to protect the king and country men.

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  • Bells

    So how does it work at these conventions... For example, would the same talk be given at all conventions, all over the world? Or do they differ depending on where they are held and who is giving the talks (and how psychotic that person happens to be) - or is it script that someone at the top prepares for all conventions..??

  • UBM101

    Jehovah WTB$ wants loyalty

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