November 15 Watchtower (Study Edition) - discourages showing affection to your spouse

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  • iknowall558
  • Snoozy

    I hope someone posts a copy or scans the article for us...

  • cantleave

    Showed this article to my wife. "You're reading too much into It" she said. "They are not saying you can hold hands but refering to the custom found in evengelical type churches where everyone links hold hands as a symbol of unity. It is saying marriage mates may discreetly hold hands."

  • crazyblondeb

    Just popping in to say hi to another crazyblonde!!


  • frankiespeakin

    Boy those guys on the GB being all cloistered up at bethel, and surrounded by gb-wannabes and other yesmen sure are insane to even have an article like that in the wt.

    Can you imagine the hours of discussion that may have gone into writing such trash,,The subject probably came up because some GB prude didn't like the way it looked in his eyes and he would always bring it up at their important Wednesday GB meeting,, till the majority acquiest and decide it was important enough to put in the wt study article.

    More proof of the sterility of love found in a bunch of rule followers.

  • lrkr

    I can just about imagine how this rule came to be. Some GB looked up during the prayer at Monday night WT study and saw a 20 young something bride with her arms around the waist of her 40 year old Bethel groom. Since both have been so repressed and are now under the public spotlight at Bethel- the prayer is a rare moment of privacy. Grumpy GB member makes sure there is a morning worship regarding this and a young, eager writing dept staffer picks it up for his article. Viola- NEW LIGHT!!! No smooching during the prayer!!

  • moomanchu

    Jehovah is a jealous god don't get to touchy feely during a prayer !

  • frankiespeakin

    I bet some GB guy in a loveless marriage got that bit of chum change put in the WT because it pisses him off to see displays of affection that he don't get or perhaps never got. Probable only did missionary position with very little fore play for 10 or 20 years until his testosterone levels nosed dived off the charts from all the sexual repression forced upon him. Wanna bet he's a grumpy old man that can't even get it up no more.

  • frankiespeakin

    Lets face it most of the GB have ed and are too embarrassed to get a prescription at the WT dispensary or from a WT doctor.

    I think they should have also added this about prayer in their article:

    It has come to our knowledge that certain brother confessing before a Judaical committee that they had neglected to shut off the pornography while asking Jehovah to forgive them after they climaxed,, one should endeavor to show respect for Jehovah by praying after one has shut the pornography off and washing ones hands and cleaning up any little spots. and then pray to Jehovah thus manifesting a really contrite heart and receive forgiveness for this uncleanness. And then show Jehovah you really mean by quit touching the unclean thing.

  • frankiespeakin

    I bet a few testosterone shots given to the GB every so often for a couple of months might brighten up some of these glum faces make way for some good organizational changes,,perhaps a little more tolerant of sexual horny thoughts and lighten up on the flock a little and let them hug and hold hands again during prayer, maybe even go so far as say in print that even little birdy peck kisses on the cheek are now pamisable provided one is either married or at least engaged to be married(to each other "engagement" not meaning engaged to someone else). I'm sure they will word it third grade level if they did.

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