I was raised as a JW by my extremely devout and somewhat psychotic mother. I was baptised in my late teens, all my friends were getting dunked and it seemed the right thing to do. After getting married in my early 20's I did enough of the right things to became an MS and eventually an elder.Although I had many doubts throughout my life, it was my being appointed an elder that made me realise the religion is a crock of shit. I left in 2009 at age 42, and was lucky enough to leave with my wife and kids. Sadly I still have some family members in the cult, including my mother, brother sister in-law and nephews as well as some of my wife's family. So much has changed in the years since I left, especially in terms of belief or rather lack of it. I now consider myself a humanist and have no time for delusional belief systems. I spend my time working on my career and with my family and friends and have pretty much put the ExJW stuff behind me. I live in Hampshire in the UK and make an effort to help those exiting where I can - I am hoping one day that my nephews make their way here.......anything is possible.