November 15 Watchtower (Study Edition) - discourages showing affection to your spouse

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  • HintOfLime

    The idea that there is a super-being constantly monitoring the firing of random neurons in every human brain waiting for the 'prayer in your head' pattern is patently ridiculous.

    But, I suppose he doesn't really have anything else to do. He might as well monitor every thought in over 7 billion people (just in case they pray for God to send JW's to their door). So, probably best people don't hold hands while praying anyway - it really screws with the signal, you know.

    - Lime

    PS: Who are all these JW's that get their panties in a bunch every time someone grows a beard or hugs someone in the kingdom hall? Why does the org cater to these people instead of telling them to grow the &*(! up? Oh right.. sex and friendship is bad.

  • hotspur

    And what about all those "wedding" talks I listened to where the happy couple are to be "one flesh before God"?

    The whole things is screwed!

  • nelly136


  • Snoozy


    I really wonder what My JW Mother in law and her family think of this. They are in the country and when the witnesses get together to eat they all join hands during the prayer...SURPRISE!..It's a no no now....

    I remember many get togethers where we joined hands..on quik builds during lunch..amazing.

    Some brothers probably had wives that were cold prudes and since they probably weren't getting any action from their wives decided no one else would either...thus the new "law".

    Thou shall not touch..the new commandment.

    What next....

  • jwfacts

    In line with what WTW said, they should have added the following sentence and come out with what they were really meaning.

    "They might think or get the impression that the couple was focusing on their romantic relationship instead of reverence for Jehovah. Or they may be reminded they are still single and Jehovah does not answer their prayers for a mate"

  • skeeter1

    Don't most cult leaders try to separate the spouses in one fashion or another? Didn't Koresh tell the husbands to not sleep with the wifey, and Koresh took the wives for himself? Wasn't there a cult that demanded all men be castrated?

    I see this as a separation, of showing that both the individuals are obedient to the Organization and will sacrifice their "togetherness" for it. While not as extreme as the other cults listed above, this Wachtower article has cult overtones.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    You have got to be friggin joking me!! How many rules can we possibly have.....imagine all the "hugger" couples bowing their heads in shame during this study!

  • AwSnap

    Wow, I am SO glad I don't go anymore.

    When you say STUDY EDITION...that's the one that's for jw's only, right? They have a Watchtower that's placed with householders as well, right? So do they just leave that sentence out? How does that work?

  • quietlyleaving

    the wts is setting itself up for subversive activity. Lots of couples sling their arms across each others shoulders and/backs during the prayer. Would this be considered an embrace and be frowned on.

  • believingxjw

    The Governing Body treats the publishers like Barbie and Ken dolls to with what they please.

    Every Watchtower study edition should have a Barbie and Ken at the top: Latest instructions for Barbie and Ken.

    Latest ways to dress Barbie and Ken. Latest things Barbie and Ken cannot do. How Barbie and Ken should raise their children. How Barbie and Ken

    should think.

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