November 15 Watchtower (Study Edition) - discourages showing affection to your spouse

by CrazyBlonde 121 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gregor

    Well, I guess I shouldn't be behind sister booty-liscous during prayer or one of these days I'm just going to take a bite out that!

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    How utterly ridiculous. Married couples can't even embrace during a prayer? Unbelievable!

    Squeezing out the gnat on conduct between married couples while being a paedophile paradise. I'd love to smack the purile old men who wrote this in the head.

  • caliber

    the no necking rule is really hard for these guys too !

  • caliber

    Too much sincere affection for your mate could cause "global warming"

  • wavvy

    i've always hated the way there is so much emphasis on what other people 'might think'. It creates an organisation of people who do everything for show. Nothing is genuine. Sick.

  • bobld

    "might offend visitors who do not share our beliefs' Really, what ever gave them that idea.It took them this long to figure it out. How about all the articles in the W/A that offend the Roman Catholic church.Why be concerned if once in a blue moon some beggar wonders into KH by mistake.


  • dozy

    This won't go down very well in the KHs I attended - many of the married couples hug each other during prayer. There are also a few "holding hand chains" with some of the middle-aged single sisters.

    I remember a few years ago an elder's wife whom it was widely suspected of having an affair with a pioneer used to embrace her husband during the prayer & many of the JWs felt it was very hypocritical. She was later reproved after the pioneer confessed.

    It is just another example of a few elderly men trying to "micro manage" their flock. Pharisees , anyone?

  • dutchstef

    Some marriage mates might discreetly hold hands, but if they embraced each other during public prayer, those who got a glimpse of such conduct might be stumbled.

    I'm Sorry, but aren't you supose to close your eyes during prayer? So how do you get a glimpse and if you do and you complain about it, then they know you looked during prayer and so didn't join the prayer.

    And who will ectualy be stumbled????? Isn't love the most beautiful thing there is? Isn't God Love?

  • wantstoleave

    I'm with those that questions 'WHY ???'....why would it stumble anyone? I just don't get that!

  • DocBob

    This is a very subtle but effective thought/act control strategy by the self-styled "faithful and discreet slave." By saying "some might be stumbled" by something like hugging during prayer, or beards, or anything else they want to really want to ban, they give implicit permission for all to be stumbled by it. So rather than overtly banning something, all they have to do is say that "some might be stumbled" by it and they've accomplished their purpose.

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