November 15 Watchtower (Study Edition) - discourages showing affection to your spouse

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  • darkl1ght3r

    LOL I once sat behind an ELDER who had his hand planted dead on his wifes ass and was rubbing it for the entire prayer. Not half ass, half back... 100% ASS. Did he not think anyone was behind him?!?!?! It was actually gross (They weren't exactly supermodels), I only looked out of sheer shock to see how long it would go on.

    Wow... I can't believe the extents they go to to legislate behavior. I cringe at the thought of the awkward situations that are going to come from this. Poor unsuspecting couples being pulled aside for a moment of "loving counsel", and the inevitable "WTF?" looks on their faces.

    I actually think it's a good thing that they try to pull this sh!t. I hope my family and my ex think twice about this article, and this pointless pharisaic demand. Because in the words of princess Leia, "The tighter you squeeze, the more planets (or, publishers) will slip through your fingers." This stuff helps JWs to begin to see that they're not in "God's Organization", and that they're really in a high-control cult.

  • AGuest

    Did NO ONE get that they're NOT supposed to be HAVING "public prayers"?? I mean, not... and still claim to represent God/Christ... be THE Faithful and Discreet Slave, etc., etc. 'Cause can you really BE the FDS... if you're not FAITHFUL? You know... FAITHFUL and discreet? 'Cause isn't he that is faithful in what is LEAST... is faithful in MUCH?

    Christ COMMANDED that we are NOT to pray publicly... but privately, in secret. Matthew 6:5, 6 Thus, as he is also recorded to say:

    "Why, then, do you call me 'Lord! Lord! BUT DO NOT DO THE THINGS I SAY?" Luke 6:46; John 14:15; 14:24

    When did HE pray publicly? When did ANY of the apostles or other disciples pray publicly??

    Doesn't anybody see all the straining out of gnats whilst gulping down camels going on here, whatever the reason for it? The establishment of a new "tradition", while overstepping a commandment of God? Isn't that what those of us who claim to "love" God should be appalled about? Indeed, should we BE appalled? No? Well, then it's NO wonder they get away with all of their... ermmmm... "stuff."

    A "mountain" is TRULY being made out of the WRONG "mole-hill" here, dear ones. Truly.

    Peace to all!

    A slave of Christ,


  • odirilestaph

    This is emotional abuse of the highest standard. The idea is to try and see how much the sheep can take. And they have realised that they take anything from them. I showed this one to my husband he did not respond in any way. He is properly programmed. Please help!!!

  • marvfaybenz

    Maybe it's a way to protect their pedophiles........

  • JWoods

    I have a question: We all know how deathly afraid the WTS is of anything that might have "pagan" origin.

    That native american "JW" in the picture - are native american costumes considered immune from this rule? After all, almost all that stuff had some sort of religious meaning, and it certainly was not even christian, certainly not JW.

    Do native american witnesses just get a sort of "pagan pass" on this?

  • undercover
    Do native american witnesses just get a sort of "pagan pass" on this?

    Indian dubs probably get to have casinos on their reservations long as the profit goes to the Society.

  • JWoods

    So that's what that shadow corporation and all the land they are saving in upstate NY is for!!!

  • JWoods

    Seriously, did anybody on the GB ever realize that if they let their young people date like normal, celibate, christian religious fundamental groups they might not have much tendency to be doing this in CHURCH, of all places? Many sensible religions even have group socials for this purpose...

  • Stealth


    No, really WTF?

    So this is such a big issue that the the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witness finds the need to put this in print?

    And how many brothers & sisters have been "stumbled" right out of the organization over the United Nations scandal?

    The Governing body prefers to let those leave and continue to leave then to ever accept any responsibility for their actions.


  • twinkle toes
    twinkle toes

    Page 123 of the happiness where to find it book, there is an illustration of a couple holding hands to pray. Not shocking I know, but, it says to me that they actually taught these people through subtle imaging that this was what they wanted.

    AGuest: I am going to look that up. Public prayers

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