November 15 Watchtower (Study Edition) - discourages showing affection to your spouse

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  • Satanus

    The wt religion is ALL about appearances. The inner jw world can be a baren wasteland, but keep the surface looking prim and propper. They have gone one better than even the pharisees.


  • undercover
    For instance, suppose someone sought to have all in a group link arms or hold hands during prayer. This might offend or distract some, including visitors who do not share our beliefs.

    Personally, I hate those hand holding rings of prayer...I have non-JW family that do that. They expect everyone in room to make a chain while they pray. I hate that shit. I don't pray and I don't wanna hold hands while they do it.

    But, if you're in a worship or church setting I can't see how someone can be offended or distracted by it. If someone doesn't share the belief they can refrain...just as JWs refrain from joining in worldly prayers. How hard is it to say, "no"?

    Some marriage mates might discreetly hold hands, but if they embraced each other during public prayer, those who got a glimpse of such conduct might be stumbled. They might think or get the impression that the couple was focusing on their romantic relationship instead of reverence for Jehovah.

    On one hand, I was taken aback by what is basically a rule on married couples not embracing during prayer at the hall (despite the fact they're supposed to be in a 3 cord bond with Jehovah). It's just amazing how like the pharisees the Gb is when it comes to things that have no basis in scripture.

    But then I got to's always been an unwritten rule that PDA is never allowed at the hall (or public for that matter). I've seen people counsled for displays of affection.

    A friend of mine was an outgoing, expressive person. He hugged everyone. All the sisters loved him. He was like their big brother. He respected them and treated them well, but he did hug them in non-threatening way. The elders counseled him on it and told him to refrain from hugging anyone...period.

    I knew a brother who was counseled for shaking sister's hands. He was a very proper person. He shook ladies' hands the old fashioned way...more of taking their hand in his and slightly bowing. I thought it was cool, but the elders didn't like it and told him to stop. I vaguely remember one elder saying from the platform that there was no need for brothers to every touch a sister, including hand shakes.

    On the surface, this written counsel may seem way out there, but actually it fits in with their long pattern of unwritten rules of strict non-display of affection.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I think my wife and I are gonna get "counseled".

    Can't wait!

  • donuthole

    I bet this opens up for more talmudic clarifications and regulations like their other rules ...

    What constitutes an "embrace"? (Did the hand linger on the wife's back?) If I can discreetly hold hands with my wife, can our entire family hold hands during a prayer? What about those who are engaged?

    ... but more to the point -- where is ANY of this of this in SCRIPTURE?!

  • sd-7

    This is truly insane. Who in their right mind would be stumbled by a married couple holding each other during a prayer? They're MARRIED! Secondly, supposedly everyone's eyes are closed anyway--you could be giving the elder on the platform the finger for all that it would matter.

    Maybe they should also mention the importance of old men not holding children during prayer, as the perception of child molestation might stumble people.

    But again, no basis in scripture. They should've used the word "evidently" in there somewhere. Really...I mean, let's remember the words on "Jehovah's Witnesses do not make up rules that are not in the Bible." Such blatant lying is...well, it's the reason I could care less. Just for that, whenever my fiancee and I go to a meeting together, I'm going to hold her during the prayer every single time, until I get counseled, and then I'll do it anyway until they DF me for "disorderly conduct", "refused to stop holding wife during prayer". Yeah. That's going to look great on the GB's mantle.

    The Pharisees might actually be hard-pressed to keep up with these guys. The GB would probably stone the Pharisees for writing half of a letter on the Sabbath. Wow...I can't even express my amazement at how disturbing this really is. Good gracious...


  • Elsewhere

    So humping the leg of a hot pioneer sister during the prayer is out?

  • snowbird

    Titus 1:15,16 Everything is clean to the clean-minded; nothing is clean to dirty-minded unbelievers. They leave their dirty fingerprints on every thought and act. They say they know God, but their actions speak louder than their words. They're real creeps, disobedient good-for-nothings. MSG

    This came to mind immediately.



  • PSacramento

    Well, I can assume a gratuitous oral sex in public is out of the question too !!!
    Great, so much for my plans for Thanksgiving !!

  • Goshawk

    Elsewhere -- So humping the leg of a hot pioneer sister during the prayer is out?


    Only if you keep your eyes closed, and have intentions of dating to marry her later.

  • daniel-p

    This has long been a policy for Bethelites during the Monday night WT study and morning worship. Basically, no body contact is allowed, just the very indescrete holding of hands.

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