Since you on the right won't answer this question. Abortion

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  • Junction-Guy

    I am pro-life, but I will give leeway for rape victims and for the life of the mother.

    Abortion used as birth control for getting drunk and acting promiscuous, I think they should have to carry that child.

  • cognac
    What should be the penalty for those who abort early in the pregnancy (say before 5 weeks) If you consider abortion murder and that life begins at conception?

    I would put it at 3 weeks because at 3 weeks a zygote is no longer a zygote. Before that, honestly, I'm undecided...

    And I'll ask again, what about rape and incest? Should there be laws that make someone have the baby after rape.,.,. I'm talking law here not personal opinions.

    hmmm, I think there should definately be laws after 3 weeks. However, before 3 weeks I still undecided on.

  • yknot

    The morning after pill is administered before fertilization or before uterine wall attachment.

  • Junction-Guy

    In that case, I am ok with the morning after pill too.

  • BurnTheShips
    No, because when life begins isn't the issue. What we should be asking is when personhood begins (or something very similar).

    So you concede that a human life begins at conception?

    The question as to when a human person begins is a philosophical question and not a scientific question.

    I welcome such a move, not forcing people to be "put down" but allowing people to painlessly opt out of life when that life is no longer worth living.

    This is not what she was talking about (suicide), I think you know this. But lets leave that to one side for now.

    Can you give me a good reason why we should treat a zygote like a person?

    What is a human person? Science please.

    When does it begin? Science please.

    Why should "personhood" be a criterion?


  • BurnTheShips
    The morning after pill is administered before fertilization

    I don't think this is true.


  • TopHat

    Maybe I am getting off the subject but uwnanted babies who are born to parents who will abuse them should terminate the pregnancy. It is very disturbing to me to see an abused and unloved child as it must be for the rest of you. Our prisons are full of these children as adults. They suffer untold mental problems for the rest of their lives.

  • Aculama

    My opinion on the law used to be absolutely no abortion for any reason. Recently I have come to see that that is how I would feel concerning my personal life, but there are so many hypotheticals I don't think I could make that decision for another person's situation. I would never do anything to support it, but I won't be blowing up any clinics either. You have a Christian point of veiw ( devided ) and a secular point of veiw ( devided also ). I can only, as a Christian, do what I think is best concerning God's will. Other points of veiw will make their choices based on what they think. Popular opinion ( through representation ) will rule. This is unfortunate to all opinions that want their way to be the only way. As long as this republic stands it has potential to swing back and forth.

  • yknot
    I don't think this is true


    A female during peak ovulation can be 'fertilized' within 12-24 hours after intercourse. If a woman is pre-ovulation it could be 3-5 days.

    So in theory if a woman is raped and seeks medical attention immediately, yes the MAP can be adminstered before fertilization occurs.

  • Junction-Guy

    What if Charles Taze Russell had been aborted?

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