As I read the stories of other posters and how badly having been a JW has affected them...I have to say, I never experienced anything nearly as bad as some you. I was in my early 20s when I became a witless back in the 60s. So you see when I learnt of the Malawi/Mexico issue in the made me sick to my stomach and I had tears of sadness many days for the Malawi JW families. I was never 100% a JW anyway because some of their beliefs were just to wacky. I faded in and out of the Org. over the years. I figure, I would put my life in God's hands and not worry about when Armageddon came or didn't. In 1975, I was OUT. But still believed some their crap. Thanks to this web site, since Oct 2005 I see the truth about the Lie.