The only white child on an all black football team, I was hated by my team as well as the opposing team. This taught me to think for myself because everyone hated me and I couldn't agree with that. My parents were envolved in politics and buisness (very conservative politically, but not religiously). When given the chance to preach at my childhood church, when I was eight years old, I served up an un-apologetic feast of hellfire and damnation. My disallusionment with the hypocracy in the church led me to search for the "Truth". After messing around with everything from satanism to atheism I came back to God (through the scripture,not religion). After following the prescription of Acts 2:38 I recieved the Holy Ghost and have never been the same since. I despise organized religion and denominationalism. These are two of the main things that keep people away from the true God that I have come to know. I love the book of Jude because it warns against this and tells what will happen to false prophets. I'm a preacher, artist, chocoholic,and maintenance engineer who doesn't write or spell very well. I'm 6'3, 275lbs, and look like a bearded viking. I'm married with three young ones. The most important thing to me in life is to make things better for those around me by giving them all the love and help I can. God bless you!