What will you do when the Great Tribulation Begins?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    we obviously won't see eye to eye, but what about both world wars, aids, cancer , tsunamis, child abuse, and so much more, and now the crisis due to oil without there being a turn for the better in sight? There are programs for biofuel and alternative fuel methods, but how serious are these governments about this?

    Who, then, predicted all these things two thousand years ago if not Jesus?

    Unless only this particular passage, Matthew chapter 24 , was fabricated?

    You read into the Bible what you want. There have always been wars. Could Jesus have
    refered to the the French Revolution or the Black Plague as war and pestilence? Before you
    laugh, C.T.Russell thought that the last days started originally in 1799.

    Certainly, the WTS misled it's adherents when it said there was an increase in earthquakes
    since 1914. Science knows that not to be true. If Jesus predicted them, what did he mean?

    I don't remember anything about tsunamis and child abuse in what was written in the Gospels.
    (Don't get us started on how WTS handled child abuse cases) I certainly don't recall anything
    about any oil crisis in the Bible. None of this was "predicted" anymore than Nostradomus predicted

    So disasters and difficult times happen throughout the ages. The meteor or asteroid that struck
    Siberia early in the 20th century, what did Jesus say about that or any other disaster that happened
    between 70 C.E. and 1914 C.E.? To think that the New Testament has any comments on our
    selfish use of oil, but is silent on the plague- HA HA, what a joke.

    "He only commented on the end times." That's your answer, most likely. Well, didn't they think
    WW One or WW 2 or the Great Depression were the end-all of this system of things? Wasn't
    the WT magazine full of predictions when the modern state of Israel was being formed, or the
    League of Nations? The latest stuff at the U.N.- this too shall pass. The next generation of JW's
    will have something new to focus on and will be sure that their difficult times hard to deal with are
    the fulfillment of prophecy.

    Maybe there will be a rising of the Chinese superpower or another Great Depression. Maybe just
    a U.S. president will be a woman or a black man, or will be assassinated, like Kennedy- yet the
    end didn't come. What if the U.N. building gets hit by a jetplane? What then of the prophecies?

  • mrsjones5

    Oh it's on now ya'll...let the mockery begin!

  • minimus

    Mal, (I hope it's ok to call you that), don't listen to these scoffers! They just do not want to recognize the truth. They are like filthy dogs!!

    They have no spirit or spirituality! They reek of their own regurgitation. They are most insincere, unlike you and I, Mal.

    Let them be! Blind guides is what they are!!! I'm so ashamed of them, Mal.

  • Free


    Are you a little short on your field service time ? You are in a Cult, Just accept it and move on to the next door.

  • Malkiel


    your second post was right on the mark in regards to the 'ark' being 'in Jesus'.

    When i decided to search for the truth, i sought to compare scripture, specifically Jesus' teachings', to any religion that best attempted to follow such teachings and principles.

    I did this because the fact is that Jesus did organize a congregation to carry out Jehovah's will on earth. According to Revelation, Jesus inspected these congregations.

    Whatever form these first congregations had, they existed, as a form of representation of Jehovah;s authority and leadership.

    One day soon, i will find out how that first congregation carried out exactly its worship to Jehovah.

    Jesus said his followers would need to stay 'alert' until the end however. That meant his disciples, as a congregation, would exist until the end, meaning there had to be at least some form of institution and order that would reflect the principle and essence of that first congregation. I would come to find that my brothers, in every part of the earth, were the people that best attempted to 'attach' themselves to the teachings and principles of Jesus.

    That is why I adhere to my organization, while at the same time live 'in Jesus' by doing my best to adhere to his words and principles.

  • Malkiel

    exiting for now

  • minimus

    Mal, just between us,ok?-----don't get too caught up about Christ Jesus. Real Jehovah's Witnesses are not Jehovah's Christian Witnesses---that's an apostate group.

    Unless you're partaking, please forget about Jesus. It's about JEHOVAH. You're a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS first, my brother.

  • TD

    When i decided to search for the truth, i sought to compare scripture, specifically Jesus' teachings', to any religion that best attempted to follow such teachings and principles.

    The JW faith, with its two distinct classes of Christians seems to me to rely far more on human inference and human speculation than what Jesus actually said.

    Actually it could be argued that the JW faith now has three distinct classes of Christians:

    1. The anointed 144,000

    2. "Prospective" members of the great crowd.

    3. Those that thought they were prospective members of the great crowd but have since died.

    This last group would include almost everyone that stood up at the 1935 convention and were explicitly told that they were members of the great crowd (oops...) Their fate (ostensibly) is now no different than those that never knew of Christ or his teachings.

    For them, what was the point of being a JW at all?

  • hamsterbait

    malkiel -

    What you percieve as "hate" is only hate of misrepresenting FACTS. The "Creation Book " is so full of deliberate weasel words and - yes - LIES any sane human would hate it.

    Look at the Paul Berry case, in New Hampshire. In this, the WT Society spent vast sums of money protecting a pedophile from his victims. They actually argued that he "should not be convicted on the testimony" of the children he had abused.

    Yet not one penny was spent to give shovels to sisters in the Solomon Islands, who had to dig the foundations of their Kingdom Hall with their BARE HANDS. Why?? ( find this in the relevant magazine for yourself)

    ANGER - yes for letting myself be conned, for wasting most of my life knocking on doors and "proving" things which have been completely abandoned over the last twelve years.

    Anger that parents can throw their children to the swine if they choose a different life from the Watchtower. Hatred for an organization that exerts such fear over its followers that parents would rather do that to their own flesh and blood, than stand up as human beings and say "NO! This is wrong."


  • Zico


    "That is why I adhere to my organization, while at the same time live 'in Jesus' by doing my best to adhere to his words and principles."

    Just a quick point: Do you think this is the full essence of what being 'in Jesus' requires? And what do you think being 'in Jesus' means? Perhaps Romans chapter 8 will help: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans%208&version=31

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