What will you do when the Great Tribulation Begins?

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  • WTWizard

    If the Great Tribulation does come in my lifetime, I don't plan to run to any Kingdumb Hell. Better to die for freedom than to live into a stagnating new Dark Ages. I will remember that there were people that died so this country could have freedom, and the New Hampshire state motto of "Live Free Or Die". Survival into the New Dark Ages would only mean being used by the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger to do something I am sure I would not like one bit.

  • real one
    real one

    why are jw so pre-occupied with Armageddon? Does the Bible say for us to worry about this event> No it does not. This event is talked about in the Bible but why worry about it? Jesus told his followerers he did not know the day this event would take place. So in other words be ready when it happens but in the mean time go spread the gospel!

  • Jenlet

    "What will you do when the Great Tribulation begins?"

    I will rejoice that the end of false religions, such as Jehovah's Witnesses, is upon us.

  • JimmyPage

    "When the end comes I know, I was just a gigolo. Life goes on without me!" -David Lee Roth

  • Velvetann

    Malkiel seems to have left the building????

    If you come back Malkiel, I hope you know that we have been in your position and understand why you are doing this. Most of us have just have been fortunate enough to have seen the Truth and were able to spend our time with more positive thoughts and truths. You help us to appreciate even more our decision to leave the JW religion when you bring up things like this to us. There are many here that are armed with facts that they can back up.


    One thing I have noticed in the few months I have been on here is that when someone that is a JW comes on here and preaches to us that they leave soon after and they only comment on a few things, never never do they confront or come back at posts that makes sense and have factual backup. I understand why he left because he felt persecuted by some of the posters........but I am sure that made him feel more righteous and that he should not listen to anything further said because of those few. Like all of the JW's they only talk and preach and quote scriptures but they don't listen. Their eyes glaze over and they just leave finally.

    I wish I could express myself like some of you here, great JOB you did. I am overwhelmed reading some of the heartfelt, intelligent, well thoughout messages here. I am so impressed.


  • inkling
    No doubt he will be the other 'horn' of the beast that gives life to the UN

    Really? "No doubt".... whatsoever? You don't want to hedge your bets? Maybe, I dunno,
    show some prophetic restraint to minimize the embarrassment you will ultimately feel
    when the prediction turns out hollow?

    Such flippant prophecy really bugs me. Everyone's so sure about things until you ask
    them if they would risk money on it.


  • Kinjiro

    You all seemed like a pack of hungry wolves attacking a deer... AND I FRICKIN LOVED IT!!!!

    On the other hand it always saddens me to see the state of mind cult condition status of Malkiel brain... cause it reminds me what I was like, and also how many are still under the mind control teachings, including most of my family...

    But the man seems to be mixing up ideas and stories... Freemasons...Iluminatti... DAMN!!!!!! The Davinci Code meets The WatchTower...

    By the way, where's the Albino?

  • real one
    real one

    didn't Russell have something to do with freemasons?

  • Malkiel

    Sorry I had to exit so abruptly, i'm on vacation and so on and so on...

    Also, believe me i've tried to answer to several members, but the messages came pretty quickly, sorry...


    I had never had someone tell me that i was 'open minded'. I guess that's a good thing, right?

    The fact is I'm fascinated with understanding what drives people to make decisions in every aspect of life not just religion. (although this is the most fascinating, why someone accepts the truth or not and so forth...)

    Your posts have been informative, as many others here. The fact remains that this 'Great Tribulation' will soon occur, Jesus stated it so, and world events are coming together pretty quickly. The world's economy is setting up so that the Beast will bail it out, but for this to happen it has to be given 'teeth', which Gordon Brown is currently stumping for. The reason i stated that Obama should be other 'horn' is that this guy looks too perfect to help Brown persuade the rest of the governments to transfer power to the UN. He's incredibly charismatic, his message is that of hope and change, and all nations seem to really like him. I can see Brown and Obama, as repesenters of the current 'world power' being at the forefront of this initiative. Although it IS true as some one here stated, I'm getting ahead of myself by 'predicting' events. It's just that all this activity seems to be coming together too well for it to be mere coincidence again. that's my personal view.

    As i stated before, there's too much evidence outside of the Watchtower that points to this signific event.

    Many posters here have given very honest answers. Although i cannot comprehend why anyone would chose death over life. Even if paradise was just 'grazing on vegetables' and serving Jehovah, how is this so bad? Can someone explain why death is better than life in paradise? I can understand death being better than living in some concentration camp or under other horrendous circumstances, but the former does not make ANY sense.


    your last post was a strange one...unless you're being funny again, are you seriously saying i am not to be appreciative of EVERYTHING Jesus did for me and you???

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Hi Malkiel,

    From what I read of the responses to your question, I gather the ones who you read as choosing death don't actually believe the great tribulation is coming and only answered as if it were. (There's a word for this sort of comment, and I can't remember what it is...)

    I notice that you seem to use the phrase "the fact is" quite a lot with regard to the situation today. Facts should be demonstrable, and should stand up to scrutiny. Now, would you allow me to recommend you one book to read? It is not by any ex-Witness or anti-Witness, and does not even mention the Watchtower Society or Jehovah's Witnesses; it's written by a scholar of Hebrew and is entirely concerned with correctly reading the bible.

    I await your reply.

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