Ok here goes: I am the oldest of 4 children (3 of us are normal adults, 1 is mentally and physically handicapped). My parents are jehovah's witnesses, my mother has been associated with the jws since the age of 4 (not sure when she was baptised), my father was baptised 3 years after he married my mother. Mother (61) is what the jws would call "spiritually weak" she tries and tries but never can seem to keep it up (meeting attendance, field service, and I dont think she ever had a study that I can remember). Dad (64) believes but only attends special talks, conventions, and the memorial. He's never been a ms, or an elder. None of my parents children are baptised jws. We all have or had careers (I'm a stay at home mom) and are doing quite well. No drugs, not alot of drinking, no out of wedlock babies, etc...all and all we are a pretty boring bunch. lol Thankfully my parents never tried to force us into baptism. They figured that in time we would see that the "truth" was the way to go. This never happened and never will. We know the truth of the "truth" and have no desire to be associated with such a dishonest religious organisation. That is it for now. I'll come back later and add more Josie