What will you do when the Great Tribulation Begins?

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  • Zico


    Trying to be a bit more serious, unlike my last post:

    "Jehovah's organization is that ark."

    The bible, and certainly not the New Testament, never talks about God having any kind of Organisation, let alone it being what our salvation is based on. Instead we find the bible regularly pointing to faith in Jesus' and his death as that which can save us. After all, he is 'The Way, and the Truth, and the Life' and he said 'No one comes to the father except through me' surely any Organisation that claims such roles or titles contradicts Jesus' own words?

    Perhaps the real biblical concept of being 'in Jesus' would better illustrate being in "that ark"

  • mrsjones5

    Why answer a question that comes by way of an organisation (WTBTS) that has lied from inception and continues to lie even when their lies are brought to light. Why expect any sort of truth to spill forth from the mouthpiece (the governing body) of such an organisation? There is no point to it, not even to persude. So I refuse to even entertain the question that has been put forth.


  • Malkiel


    we obviously won't see eye to eye, but what about both world wars, aids, cancer , tsunamis, child abuse, and so much more, and now the crisis due to oil without there being a turn for the better in sight? There are programs for biofuel and alternative fuel methods, but how serious are these governments about this?

    Who, then, predicted all these things two thousand years ago if not Jesus?

    Unless only this particular passage, Matthew chapter 24 , was fabricated?

  • ninja

    malkiel....welcome to the board sir.......you should seriously research the history of the organisation........it is a false prophet........
    for instance... they said the creator promised(not them ...but the creator promised)that the generation that saw 1914 would see the end...you can't do that...read deuteronomy 18:20.......if a prophet speaks a word in his name and it doesn't come true they are a false prophet
    .....that is why I finally left......
    they also said 1874 was when jesus came invisibly and 1914 was when the world would end
    .....they are not a prophet in a sense as they claim.....can you tell me how many types of prophets there are?..you must admit...only two...true and false......true prophets are inspired and false prophets uninspired.....yet the watchtower claims to be an "uninspired true" prophet.....
    I hope you waken up mate......cheers....da ninja...here is the quote.....

  • ninja
  • IP_SEC

    I didnt know Jesus ever uttered the word tsunami.... LEOLAIA....

    I'll let myself out. All I got for you is mockery anyways. Ta.

  • Malkiel


    mockery is the last resort for the immature, i'm glad you're out, it will save me from reading unintelligent messages, unlike the majority of them here.

  • TD
    Remember that in Noah's time, it was absolutely necessary to 'enter the ark' to survive.
    I know this sounds cliche and corny and all that, but it was true. Jehovah's organization is that ark. And know that I will pray for you, since that is all i can really do.

    You're mixing your metaphors. The ark was as a physical object, (Allegedly a big square boat) not an organization. Organizations are comprised of sentient beings working together. If there was an organization in the Flood story it would have to have been Noah and his immediate family who built the ark.

    I don't believe there was a requirement to join that organization either stated or stipulated in the flood story. The ark was open to anybody whether they had worked on it or not.

  • minimus

    Malkiel, I sincerely want to thank you for coming here. Since I've read your posts, I have reconsidered my beliefs and have come to the conclusion that you are right---the ark of salvation is only through the Organization. We are living in the very last days of the last days. Even though this sentiment has been stated by faithful Bible Students for centuries, this time, I think that we just have to be in the time of the end. I believe, Malkiel, that Jehovah God is using YOU to help us come back to the only truth there is. PLEASE, help us get back to the interior rooms of the Kingdom Halls so that we can make it before it is just too late.

  • yknot


    Well I guess that is what happens when you are raised to become a JW lawyer. You are condition to understand both sides of the issue, but remain collected but keenly observant.

    As a pre-post 75 born-in I stay on top of world events avidly as I was well trained to survive Armageddon.....and as John writes "Happy! is he who observe the things written in it; for the appointed time is near. "

    Malkiel you bring up a very good point, but what does the Bible say about survival in the end days?

    What does the WTS say about Salvation? Is salvation through Jesus or through association of the organization, appointed by Jesus in 1919? Please consider referencing Acts 4:12. Also consider re-reading Matthew 24:45 - Matthew 25:46, and ask yourself why Matt 24:45-51 are prophesy but the rest are considered parables, for which Jesus often spoke.

    Also do know why the WTS stopped baptizing as Jesus directed in Matthew 28:19? When I wrote to the Society as directed by my Elders I received no response but my Elders received a response saying such questions equated apostasy (actually it was 'that is an apostate question.". If the emblems of the Memorial are to be pure and scripturally accurate why isn't the baptism, the visible sign of our dedication?

    Also as the organization has recenlty brought up in current SE Watchtowers, have you had a chance to read the Finished Mystery (1917) as it is a cornerstone of the 1918-1919 establishment as well as Bro. Rutherford's commentary on that period in Light Vol 1 & 2?

    I will gladly share a PDF version of the lapsed copyright "The Finished Mystery with you, and can suggest a site run by JWs in good standing for the Light Volumns as well as other Theocratic resources. http://www.strictlygenteel.co.uk/

    Here is The Finished Mystery...


    If you are interested in any other older JW publications not available in the KH library or WT CD you can make a request on this forum as many posters here have extensive Theocratic Libraries in PDFs and scans and are happy to share.

    I appreciate your prayers and I shall also pray for you and your loved ones.



    PS Just curious what day is your KH going to have the new meeting arrangement?

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