Raised a JW from the age of 3 in the 1950's. Parents were extremely Zealous, and I got dragged through it all. Hated it and my parents didn't help being so fanatic about it, My Dad was mean and had a temper and it made me hate him. He beat me with a belt if I didn't study the WT publications every week. He gave me assignments and then tested me. I found it boring and as a young child a bit hard to understand. He didn't help me, just wanted me to memorize it. My Mom had nervous breakdowns constantly so she spent a lot of time unavailable and being an only child I had to do all the household chores. When I was 16 he beat me really bad with the belt and my Mom too because we didn't obey his orders. Something totally unreasonable and I hated him from that day on and vowed to leave home and the religion. I did when I was 18. Stupid me I went back 10 years later for 7 years. I am out for good now and so happy to have found JWD/ I really thought until last year that the JW's might have the truth but now I know better. Its great to know I won't die at Armageddon because I left the Watchtower org. Velvet