What will you do when the Great Tribulation Begins?

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  • chrisjoel

    Hi M

    Fact: 1914 is 100% wrong period. Do some research on this privately and you will see beyond a doubt that is the case.

    Fact: JWs interpretation of Mathew 24 is beyond repair. Do some research on this board or privately and you will see this to be the case.

    I dont need to say anything more you need to do the research yourself. Thanks.

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    The only one that comes to my mind is "the soul that is sinning, it itself will die". I used to know exactly where that was - Ezekiel 18:4 I think(?) not sure now. But that can be interpreted to just reiterate what was said in the Garden of Eden, that the outcome of sin is death....

    I don't recall the one you are talking about - you could search the exact scripture at Bible Online - they have a keyword search....

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Eyes Open:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I haven't heard of that book but it sounds positively enlightening. I look forward to getting that...(not to hijack thread, but thanks!)

  • Open mind
    Open mind
    i will one day soon embrace my brother, what is wrong with that idea?

    I know a JW couple who tragically lost their 3 year old to an accidental death. I would never dream of upsetting their hope with contradictory information. I wouldn't with you either if you were in my congregation.

    There's only one extra little twist to your situation:

    You're on JWD!

    Do you really want to have your cherished beliefs challenged? If not, best to stop reading now. If so, welcome to the rabbit hole. It's a twisting, turning, terrifying, exciting journey.


  • sacolton
    Fact: JWs interpretation of Mathew 24 is beyond repair.

    Don't forget John 1:1:

    "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

    No brackets should ever be inserted to understand the meaning of this scripture.

  • Malkiel

    meeting junkie no more-

    i think you're right about that Ezekiel scripture. I think the verse says 'souls belong to me' meaning Jehovah. I've got to look that scripture up now...

  • anewme

    If a great tribulation occurs I hope that I will continue to act in a humane, honest, merciful and godly manner towards my neighbors and loved ones as I am today.

    If I am struck down in the process of surviving and helping others, then so be it.

    Let it be known that I loved God and the earth and my fellow man.


  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More


    Also, remember the scripture where Jesus urged us not to fear those who can kill the body, but CANNOT destroy the soul! So, there must be a discernable difference between the body and the soul, one could be destroyed, but the other could not. Without the mental gymnastics that the Society wants us to do when we read these scriptures, they are so straight-forward as to be instantly understandable.

    Do I know exactly how or when I will 'see' my loved ones again? No, but I am content to leave it in my Creator's hands. I no longer take the Bible literally - but it does have a profound message. I do believe that we see the Father in his Son, Jesus, who came to make him manifest to us. Each and every one of us are God's children, and His Spirit bears witness with ours that we are such - that is the peace of God that excels all thought. I never felt that peace with the dry 'taking in of knowledge that leads to everlasting life....' Knowledge can lead us, but as the Kingdom Interlinear points out, it is those who 'know God' that have everlasting life, not the mere act of 'taking in knowledge'.

    Somehow, I think the Holy Spirit is especially busy these days amongst so many who are 'awakening' to real truth.

  • Malkiel


    again, like some here attempt to discredit Jesus, are we to assume that Jesus did NOT know what he was talking regarding his Father?


    if there existed a single 'idea' regarding the sameness of Jesus and Jehovah there would not be this HUGE point regarding the comparison of Jesus as a son to his Father, Jehovah. There is NO explanation for the use of these terms other than the simple fact that one is superior to the other and righfully so. Regarding this most fundamenta of doctrines (Jesus and Jehovah being one and the same), the strenght of this doctrine is as strong as its weakest link, that link being the comparison of Jesus as a son and Jehovah as his father.

    John 1:1 states that the word was God, not Jehovah. In no other translation has that name been omitted for God. All translations use God, not Jehovah.

    Later in John, (this is a 'standard' argument, but its true) Jesus calls himself as 'one' with his apostles; can any one argue that the apostles and Jesus were literally one and the same as JEsus?

  • snowbird


    again, like some here attempt to discredit Jesus, are we to assume that Jesus did NOT know what he was talking regarding his Father?

    My point, exactly!

    Jesus DID know what He was talking about!

    Since He stated in John 5:37 and John 6:46 that none had seen the Father, then who walked, talked, and ate with Abraham?

    The Bible's answer: It was JEHOVAH.

    Yet, if no one has seen the Father, ergo, the Father can't be JEHOVAH.

    It took me a long while to accept this, also.


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