Catholic southern California boy, got truth went gung-ho. Moved to where great are needed for 12 years, had all the priveleges you can name. Married(18 yrs.)w/3 children (16,14,12). Have alway seen the imperfection in the org. and it's adherents (no biggy). But in 2001 the sh*t hit the fan and the lights went on when the unthinkable finally happened to me and my family. Fool me once shame on YOU- fool me twice, shame on ME! I have definitely found the twilight zone, it's a very real and scary place. I don't like it!!! You know even long term prisoners when released have a hard time adjusting to life on the outside. I think I was just released? You're free, but it feels so weird, kind of like new shoes- I guess you have to break them in before you're fully comfortable.