Prank call to Governing Body member Anthony Morris III gets through

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  • Listener

    This prank call was so funny.  Had Cedars asked a serious question Tony would not have answered him.  That is obvious because he already tried to fob him off by telling him to discuss the tight pants issue with the Branch Committee.  How ridiculous is that?  Why would Tony tell him to talk to the Branch Committee about a tight pants issue?  I bet Tony says that all the time so that he doesn't have to deal with anything personally.

    This leader can go on and on about the most stupid issues and cause so much damage in other people's lives and he does not have the character to defend himself is appalling. 

  • rebel8

    Ok, so pranks can be therapeutic for the one pulling them. That's one thing it accomplished.

    After that, nothing.

    The accusation, "Apostates lie" has been held true in this case.

    And why let the guy know the effect his wacko talks is actually having, unless you want him to stop?

  • joe134cd

    Shit i laughed. Who cares if it was juvenile it was so funny.  Good on you cedars you made my day

  • joe134cd
    Cedars I wanna buy you a beer for that one. 
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Good job Cedar. I hope more people do it.
  • Spectre


    If I had made the call I'm sure the language would be a bit harsher than calling him "deluded".

    Take it for what it is people and have a laugh. If anything else had been said TOMO would have hung up faster.

    If it gave him a second of paranoia over the fact that bethelites had to patch the call's all good. 

  • scary21

      Don't forget he picked a topic that is very very important to Tony. It could very well be the MOST important, near and dear to his heart topic of all time.  Cedars doesn't have a crystal ball to know how it would play out.   Love you Cedars       I must say that I ended up liking Tony a little bit more after the punk then before. I don't think that is what Cedars was going for .... 


  • brandnew

    It was funny.........that was it.........funny.

    BUT, letting a nerd at school know that he's nerdy, messes the whole program up.  The following days after you tell this nerd of his nerdy ways, he stops wearing glasses. A coupla weeks go by and the highwater pants and pocket protector are gone.  A year goes by,... and now he has all the chicks.

    My point is......dont tell him what he's doin wrong......cuz hes doing a great job of it.

  • kairos

    Morris acknowledged that Cedars must have had a connection to get the direct line to his desk. Tony did not expect a stranger when he picked up the phone. ( Listen to how he answered the phone )

    Hopefully every time the phone rings he will remember it could be anothere apostate again. I say it worked great.

  • brandnew
    @kairos ....yeah he did sound ...lets say..sluggish

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