Prank call to Governing Body member Anthony Morris III gets through

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Isn't John fun? I thought it was funny. "You must have connections" says it all! right?
  • Blackfalcon98
  • Spectre

    I doubt that they will ever use this as a example of "evil apostates" persecuting them. That would mean that they would have to admit that a bethelite allowed the call to get through. Is that bethelite either a closet apostate or just that stupid?   

  • notsurewheretogo

    What is more impressive than the call itself is the amount of people who think it was not a good idea.

    I enjoyed the call very much...but I thought it was a poor decision to do by Cedars considering his standing in the exjw community.  He has just lost a lot of credibility.

    After having a few issues on other exjw forums for posting similar views that are on here I'm at least satisfied that others share the same view I have.

  • oppostate

    What poor decision to make the call?

    Give me a break! Give Cedars a break will ya!

    Tyrants like these guys hate being poked fun of.

    We need more poking fun of these guys!

    We need it because they like to hide, and poking fun of them in public scares them. They're afraid they'd be exposed for who they truly are, not with the over practiced speeches of their online TV productions. They'll be exposed, publicly shown how very un-special and mundane they really are, these charlatans of a harmful religious cult.

    Kudos to Cedars!

    We need more videos of pranked GB charlatans.

  • whathappened

    I thought the call was a hoot!

    i would bet TOMO3 was very upset that an outsider was able to invade his cushie situation.  He is used to respect and adoration.  This probably will cause current Bethelites to be questioned and interrogated, hopefully waking some of them up that they are living la vita loco! 

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Anthony Morris seems like a real uncompassionate hatched man I'm sure head will roll over this lack of security in his ivory tower.
  • Gayle

    Wow!  What an opportunity to get thru to one of the "Untouchable 7.". They are so protected away from reality of life, truth, and any who dare to give them honest comments. No , they are not just like us, not even like just a CEO.  Don't trust their humor!!  They manipulate with it.  If he initially thought he was talking to a Bethelite, he would use his humor only to find out who it was, with purpose only to give him the " shaft.".  (Of course, not much lower for a laundry-working bethelite to go since I guess they don't have the bindery anymore?).  A respectful 'discussion?'.  Hahaha, funny.  That would not have lasted even that long as Cedar's call.

    The way to an extremely arrogant man is to make a joke of him.  They hate that!  Drives them crazy!



             It`s going to end up in an Anthony Morris "Talk",at a WBT$ JW Assembly..

                                     "Apostates Attack the Watchtower!"

                     Cedars Lied to Me On The Phone,then Called Me Delusional..

                                         So I Hung Up on the Crazy SOB!..


                                        SATAN DESTROYS YOUR BRAIN..


  • clarity

    After leaving wt, one of the most liberating & freeing things was to limit the judging of others.  What fantastic gift! 

    It would be difficult to deal in a serious, sane, adult way with these head honcho's. They are a boys club, making up the rules as they go along.

    Lloyd's conversation could have gone a thousand different directions ....why would we change is what it is.

    Personally I think it was a bit of alright!  It felt like a further invasion into their silly little club.  A club of deluded men who have caused the death of many, one way or another.  Whole lifetimes were wasted & put on hold ... for nothing.  The scripture that says they "would give food at the proper time"......well guess what wasn't at the right time! That whole long suffering generation is dead!  Those of us who remember it,  will soon enough join them.  My children saw some of the craziness, but my grandchildren know next to nothing of watchtowers past deeds!

    Our greatest job may be to make sure that this cult is ripped open for all to see.

    Lloyd thank you for the inroad you made into the belly of the beast!



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