My Mother's Being Announced in November As OFF The Pioneer List

by minimus 132 Replies latest jw friends

  • candidlynuts

    aww minimus . give her extra love and hugs thru this..she needs it. she's in my prayers.

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    I don't know if you live close to your Mom but if you do take her out to dinner. Maybe she'll be able to relax and get her mind of the crap for a bit.

  • minimus

    .....Just talking to my mom.....She says the CO reminds her of Donald Trump saying, :YOU'RE FIRED!"

  • undercover

    Hey red dot,

    I've been gone a few weeks and just saw this thread. My thoughts are with you and your mom.

    Looking for the silver lining: this might be just the thing to get her to think about why you left and give her reason to do a little soul searching and research.

    Good luck to you both.

  • minimus

    Thursday night, they announced it! My mother was listening by phone and the PO announced that as of November 1st, she will no longer be pioneering. I thought this was most unusual that they would announce it that way. Anyway, now she's getting from a few family members not to listen to me because I no longer have the "truth" in my life.

  • blondie

    min, I can't understand why family members have to push their personal decision onto others in the family. I hope she reminds them that she is not senile yet and can still form and make complex decisions.


  • minimus

    Blondie, she is getting more disturbed over their attempt to make rules that she is seeing is NOT a Bible rule. These are only Society rules. Like mother, like son!

  • pc

    Minimus, I am so sorry and saddened for your mom. It is amazing how low the elders can go. I hope you just surround her with love and happiness so she won't even remember her sadness. Who knows maybe this good all be a huge blessing for you both. PC

  • jgnat

    I am mostly worried now about your mom sinking ever lower in to depression. Is your mom a "helper"? Maybe in the long run you can find activities for her to do where she is giving back to the community. My stepmom is never still. Right now is knitting toques for the homeless.

  • minimus

    My mother likes feeling useful in the congregation. Sadly, pioneering made her feel like she was someone. She regarded it as her career. She told me over a year ago how she was not being treated in the same way when I left. It is too bad.

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