My Mother's Being Announced in November As OFF The Pioneer List

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  • blondie

    Yah, and don't let the door hit you in the ass....

    Well, where is the Christlike love they WTS says they show. What a difference a few years makes. I had 3 regular pioneers at my wedding when I married a non-JW. None of them were asked to step down.

    I think it is more about you, minimus, than anyone else. They are trying to hurt you through your mother.

    Well, this may be a defining moment for your mom, minimus.


  • jgnat

    Whatever positive result could they expect from this? Scare any lurking JWD elders to remain underground, especially if they have vulnerable, elderly parents? Watch a seventy year old woman weep with repentance for showing kindness to her granddaughter? Prove to the congregation that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to have a wonderful life outside of the society?

    I am convinced. Watchtower leadership don't believe that there is a God watching and taking account. After all, see what they get away with now!

  • Schizm


    Of course I'm only slightly familiar with some of the things that you've talked about regarding your sweet mother, and so please excuse me if this is an ignorant question. What was the reason for which your mother will no longer be considered a Pioneer? Is it that she can't meet the hourly requirement due to reasons of age (78)? or what?



  • Elsewhere

    Yup... as usual they use up a person and then toss them aside telling them that they are bad for statistics

  • gypsywildone

    That's disgusting, deliberately grilling & upsetting a lady of her age. They have no shame, & certainly no heart

  • cruzanheart

    It's like something from "The Godfather," isn't it? Please give your mother a hug from me, a 13-year pioneer, and tell her not to pay attention to what men say. What matters is what God thinks of her, and she's doing just fine.



  • yesidid

    I know for a fact that Milton Henschel was not taken off "the list" even though he could barely put two words together coherently for the last three years of his life. yesidid

  • Corvin
    I think it is more about you, minimus, than anyone else. They are trying to hurt you through your mother.

    I totally agree.

    I am so sorry for you and your mother, minimus. They are cold-hearted sons o bitches. That's all she gets for 40 years of service? I suppose that's all anyone has ever gotten from serving the organization.

    I hate the intellectual intimidation they used on your poor mother "disloyal to Jehovah" my arse.


  • CountryGuy

    Honestly one of the most disturbing examples of the WTS's lack of love. No real Christian (or real Christian organization) would act like that.


  • minimus

    Since my mom is on the infirm list, it is understood that can give her best and still be considered a regular pioneer. Still, she puts in between 25 to 30 hours in a month! I agree that I am the real target and I believe that someone will be calling me very soon, per the Circuit Overseer. Who knows? Maybe it can be a blessing in disguise!

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