My Mother's Being Announced in November As OFF The Pioneer List

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  • Preston

    This is disgusting, its so blatantly obvious that they're using Minimus' mother's situation to place the blame one the one person responsible as they see fit for taking away her "full-time employment". They're just itching that she'll be so bitter at minimus that she'll never talk to him again. It's like blaming the postman for the letter that never came.....

  • lawrence

    What bastards? Only way to deal with things ... expedience.


    That was great about Milty! Hey, Freddie was in the lands of Moab & Edom for many years, and they let him run the "theology show."

  • Odrade

    Didn't they "warn" her that if she went to her granddaughter's wedding, she'd be taken off the pioneer list? Maybe this is their back-handed way of following through on the threat...

  • czarofmischief
    She asked him if her getting limited time in the work had a negative effect on the other pioneers.

    WTF???? Amazing. She's sick and putting "Jehovah first" and all that BS and then they forcibly retire her? They don't even have the excuse of her costing the company money, or like her lack of "productivity" is hurting anyone in any meaningful manner? My gawd, ever see "Falling Down?" That should be one C.O. on a golf course wearing a stupid hat, if you catch my drift...

    Christ! Why not just let her pioneer? Why does it have to be like they are shuffling off a burden - they really are just a corporation, not a religion. It means so much to her, and is absolutely NOTHING for them. In fact, it would be LESS work to leave her on the list - they wouldn't have to fill out whatever paperwork is necessary to take her off... what a ridiculous thing. I hope J.F. Rutherford is burning, wherever he is.

    What is so sad is that her first concern is how her sickness is affecting the other pioneers. She sounds like a real Christian woman; and these dogs are mauling her for no good reason. Is this the spirit that led Jesus to heal a woman who was sick and shouldn't even have touched him? I don't THINK so. Is this the spirit of the man who healed on the Sabbath; who raised the dead son of a woman he didn't know? Who promised salvation to a Samaritan woman? Who FORGAVE WHILE DYING?

    Whether you believe in the literal Christ or merely as a good ideal to follow; these bastards ain't doing neither. Like Jesus put forth, is it the son who promises to do the work or the one who does it that pleases the Father?

    SCHWEINHUND! May they be condemned to roll rocks in Hell. Or better yet, they shall be condemned to work for ME. Ha ha ha... how they shall dance in the Hula Hoops of Perdition!


  • QCA1



  • lisavegas420

    maybe after some time she will come to feel like....

    Retirement is not an ending, but a new journey that combines wisdom & opportunity.

    never know where her thoughts may take her now that she has some free time on her hands.


  • Billygoat

    Min, I'm so sorry to hear that. Your poor momma. I'm sure this is one of those situations where I would consider it a "blessing in disguise". But then again, that doesn't always take the immediate pain away. Please give her a hug for me. I'll be praying for her this morning!


  • minimus

    Czar and EVERYONE else---You're so right! She was knocked over by the suddeness of it all. Watchtower management quickly gets things done! BTW, SHE was never talked to about not going to the wedding by the elders. Others were.

  • candidlynuts

    Geez... someone should write and publish an article about her somewhere.its a great human interest story.. let others know if you dedicate your life to the WTBS , once your old and infirm you get the boot. and add up what all those hours in service for 40 yrs would have been worth monetarily if she'd worked a job instead of " volunteering"

    i feel for your mother, and hope she isnt too hurt by this but i dont know how she could NOT be devastated.

  • Schizm

    I'm still confused! What was the reason given for your mother being dropped from the Pioneer role? Are you saying there was no reason given? If so, what sense does that make?


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