My Mother's Being Announced in November As OFF The Pioneer List

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  • minimus

    I spoke to my mom minutes ago. Last night the local needs talk was all about any who would go to a wedding that had a JW/worldly person marrying one another. The elder said "We won't mention names but you know who you are" and continued by saying any that went would be removed from privileges and be MARKED! He went through a whole thing about being disloyal to Jehovah, being secretive and not telling the elders specific information about the upcoming event. He said that even if the "friends" had a history with the couple and their family, such ones were being disobedient to Jehovah himself for going to such an event....My mother is extremely depressed now because not only was she removed as a pioneer but now is "marked". What's worse is she is feeling very guilty about going to the wedding and knowing what she knows about my personal disbelief in the organization.

  • Elsewhere

    Wow... I really would like to have a chance to let those elders know they are "number one" in my book.

  • jgnat

    Did your mother enjoy the wedding? Was it a joyous event? Oh, how the organization sucks all joy out of the landmark events of our lives. I dunno, but if I were her daughter, (or granddaughter) I would be over there with the photos and memorabilia and the memories, and reminding her what a lovely time it was.

  • minimus

    I tried calling my daughter and she's not home but she did go by last week with her husband. I asked my mother if Jehovah was the originator of marriage and if he was---would he not be glad to see 2 people get married before Him. All she thinks is now people will stop socializing with her. You gotta love hove this CULT plays with 78 yr. old women's heads.......THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • seeitallclearlynow
    Oh, how the organization sucks all joy out of the landmark events of our lives.

    Jgnat, truer words are rarely spoken! Good point.



    I'm very sorry for what they've done to your mom. I haven't read all the replies so excuse me if I'm being redumnuts...err redundant. If your mom is geographically close, this would be the time to love bomb her with visits and company. Actions speak louder than words. I know you love her and want the best...I hope it works out good for you guys.


  • Golf

    Min, give your mom my best and a BIG hug! My mom is her mid 80's, and she's still going from door to door. Guest 77

  • minimus

    I'll bring her dinner today and I hope she'll feel better. All I can say is the longer I'm out, the easier it is to see they are a CULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scully

    I just realized that it's been just over a year since you posted this, minimus. So how is your mom doing now?

  • exjdub


    My wife always equated the cruelty to the "sheep", and the apparent enjoyment that the CO and elders derive from it, as pulling the wings off of a butterfly. Anyone who has sacrificed as much as your 80 year old mother has, is a beautiful butterfly who has just been pinned down and had her wings ripped off. My heart aches for her and what she must be feeling right now.


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