My Mother's Being Announced in November As OFF The Pioneer List

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  • toreador
    They receive an amount of money every month too, dont they?

    I think they receive money only if they were special pioneer's, or former c.o's or d.o.'s and their wives. Everyone else is free to suffer through old age without any savings or provision. Bethelites are allowed to stay, of course they stay productive until completely unable.


    Narkissos: Agreed. Regular pioneers do not receive any money from the Society.

    I do believe the anointed bro and sis were considered special pioneers. I do forget how you become one or what exactly it intails. I dont think they recieve much in the way of money either. Does anyone know what special pioneers recieve at this present time? Just curious. Thx, Tor

  • Pistoff

    Increasingly in the borg world, actions are taken that have nothing to do with the stated reason. I was removed because of allowing a df'd person to stay in my employ, but only later did they admit this. What I see happening here, with this "disloyalty to Jehovah" line, is very aggressive over application of a principle as if it were a law. They cannot officially do anything about this, but this is the kind of stuff they do. It is so stupid; most people will NEVER realize why they do something like this, so why do it when it is not explained??? GO FIGURE. IS IT any reason I am Pistoff??

  • XQsThaiPoes

    This is a common tactic. My great grandmother was "retired" her pioneer card around age 90 (she actually was a first gen JW that knew knorr personally). THe brothers just came up and told her she war no longer a pioner. THe reason was basically she was to old, could not drive, and they got tired of takingng her out for like 90 hours a month. THe odd thing is with the hours reduction she would still be a poineer today.

  • RandomTask

    Something like that can actually kill a person. How cruel.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    Yeah or lead to depression for a person that age or any age. She used to joke about being the only jw told not to preach, or being the only one given a retirement party. It was sad now that you bring it up. Forget all the hurt feelings, scandals, and madness this is still a religion that is real and meaningful to many people. It seems wrong when this happens. Like them saying "suprise you're on candid camera. This preaching work nonsense was all a joke."

  • squinks

    so, they sent in the "hired goons" to rough her up. 80 years and a lifetime of loyal service and she gets the boot and a verbal beating.

  • Gadget
    I talked to my mother today. She asked me to pick up some prescriptions for her and to bring her a treat because she was feeling depressed.

    How about telling her that there are people who care about what happens to her, and hope that she finds her happiness again with or without the jws.

  • xjw_b12

    Sorry to hear of this Min. Hugs to your Mom..

    My grandmother gave the best years of her life to WTBTS, but was largely forgotten, once she became infirm.

    "By their works you will know them"


  • BluesBrother

    I might have found this hard to believe, had it not come from such a regular member as yourself. This is twisted. in my yime as a secratary up to the mid 90's, we returned a report every September on the congo and the pioneers . If any had failed to meet the required hours then I had to make a mitigating comment. However age and infirmity would have been a given for lower hours . Older ones were retained and helped , as were elderly elders who could no more "Carry the load".. The pioneer hours were seperate to the congo averages.

    I wonder if the system has changed since he said that her figures would affect the other pioneers in the congo. But so what? Are they all about figures on a sheet of paper, or caring for the sheep? I guess the answer is evident

    I would honestly believe that "God is not unrighteous so as to forget her work in his name" whether we now belive in what she was preaching, or not

  • tresbella

    THAT IS TERRIBLE! After my mom could not be a reagular pioneer anymore (i was still young ) I think that is when she became depressed. the society has ways of making you feel inadequate and small! makes me soooo angry!

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