My Mother's Being Announced in November As OFF The Pioneer List

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  • minimus

    Scully, I took her out for supper last night and she skipped going to the meeting via phone hook up. She has realized that the elders and CO (and Society) have lied to her and she says she realizes she's got a "bad attitude" but just doesn't care. My mom would NEVER have gne out to eat on a meeting night. Now she does it any time I call.

  • kwintestal

    You should call every meeting night then! Glad your mom's doing ok.


  • Pubsinger

    Minimus, does that mean that in the last 12 months your mum has seen the light and stands with us?

  • minimus

    The lite is getting brighter.

  • Bryan


    I've been following your mother's story and I can't believe what they are doing to her!

    I don't know her health, but this yo-yo BS must be stretching her emotions to the limit. I hope she'll get through this.

    I can't believe they didn't even say something about all the years she put in serving the Tower as they cut her off at the knees!

    No one is visiting or checking on her, knowing full well how depressed and upset she is?!

    Just another firing by Corp. of one that should have retired.

    I hope everything goes well,


  • minimus

    Actually, for 3 CO visits, she has been visited. Elders have seen her quite a bit BUT they have counseled her to "wait on Jehovah" even though THEY were the ones to remove her as a pioneer. She realizes they suck (my words).

  • jgnat

    I am glad your mom is doing so well, Minimus. You are a good son. On this anniversary of her marking, I re-read the elders' "special needs" talk, and one comment really stood out:

    being secretive and not telling the elders specific information about the upcoming event

    So elders are to receive an invitation to all weddings? Talk about prying eyes. Do you find that exiting JW's have to get used to the idea that elders and fellow congregation members are not entitled to know about everything that goes on in their lives? The Watchtower Society has no right to criticise the Catholic confessional. They are no better, and they follow no oath of confidentiality.

  • Buhdee

    I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but it sems to me that the whole thing was a carefully worded reproof for attending the wedding and association, simply replacing 2 elders with an elder and CO.

  • fairchild

    This thread should be in the "best of" section.. being the best example of how disgusting this WTS human organization really is.

    I'm glad that the light is getting brighter for mom. However, nobody can give her back the 40 years she has devoted to announcing the "good news".

    If there is a god, which I often doubt nowadays, I am certain that he will reward her eventually for being a good person and doing what she thought was the right thing.

  • gumby
    Then he brought out that he knows how sickly she is and that pioneering must be very demanding on her. She asked him if her getting limited time in the work had a negative effect on the other pioneers. His response:"Of course it does". This saddened her and within a few moments after being told how the congregation very much values her efforts in the congregation, she was simply told by the Circuit Overseer that she reached a milestone in pioneering for 40 years and now it would be best that they announce in November that she will no longer pioneer

    ............yet an elder can become as your mother because of his age and health...........yet remain an Elder. There should NOT be two sets of standards with these two positions according to their OWN definition of "qualifications".

    I'm just thankful these idiotic dumb bastards haven't realized yet that so much of what they do backfires on their pathetic heartless asses! Oh well....what goes around....comes around. Perhaps when these idiots are layin in their graves......a rabbid worm will taunt their arses.

    Btw Min...........I think you handled all this really well my friend. Keep showing your mom unconditional love as you have been.



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