My Mother's Being Announced in November As OFF The Pioneer List

by minimus 132 Replies latest jw friends

  • lazyslob

    I get a feeling that you´re calling her regularly now? Love bomb her. Of course your still JW brothers and sisters are doing the same.......not. Hope she´ll see/feel the differense. Hope she´s feeling better and better as time goes by.

  • minimus

    Lazyslob---you're right. I regularly call her but I'm doing it more often now.

  • toreador

    I find it so hard to believe that they do this kind of thing over and over again with no thought of how it may hurt others. It happened in our case as well with one of our family members. How they claim to have love and do this is beyond that me. I cant believe more dont wake up to the fact that there is no real love there.

  • bebu
    She told me over a year ago how she was not being treated in the same way when I left. It is too bad.

    ...But somehow, so good. I really AM sorry that she is being treated worse than a used kleenex, but ya know... this just reveals them for the heartless cult they really are.

    I really, really, really do look forward to your reporting to us that she has finally broken away. But I know it will take some more time and care. All of us will wait!


  • minimus

    I just got off the phone. My mom said, "I've got good news!". She said she called the PO yesterday to find out if she could still give her talk this week or was she on any restrictions since she got removed as a pioneer and it was announced last week. The PO said that she was not removed, she "stepped down". He said when the CO saw her physical condition, he felt it was too much for her to continue. So then I said, "But you never stepped down as a pioneer, did you?" She said. "No. I just asked him (the CO) if her pioneering affected the other pioneers in a negative way. He said, "Of course" and then told her they would just announce her as no longer continuing pioneering nut that she should be happy that after 40 years she completed a "milestone".....Now, my mother feels much better about things and says she wasn't "removed" after all.

  • blondie

    So, min, she thinks then she asked to step down? Or did the CO say he was going to make the decision for her?

    Sounds like the elder game:

    Brother ImInCharge: Um, Brother PainInMyRear, we've decided (the BOE met without him and rubberstamped IIC's decision) that there's too much pressure on you as an elder. You can either step down or we can remove you, which do you pick.


  • minimus

    I'm confused.... See, for almost the entire time, they inquired about me, my wife and my daughter and her decision to marry an "unbeliever". Then when my mother expressed her feelings of being an unworthy pioneer, the CO said they'd simply announce her no longer being a pioneer as of November. Then after a few comments they left. Then Thursday, the announced her as no longer pioneering......Like I said, "I'm confused". But SHE is feeling better. What can I say??

  • minimus

    I just talked to my mom a few minutes ago and she told me that she HAS come to the realization that she WAS removed and she certainly did not "step down".

  • kj
    I'm sorry they're treating your mother this way, but I'm glad she's got their number. They haven't fooled her into thinking they did her a favor or something. What a bunch of dicks.


  • freedom96

    On one hand, perhaps your mom will see the truth about "the truth" and walk away from it all. It is too bad that she spent so much time in it. Hopefully she was happy doing it. It sucks that the elders had to drill her with questions about you and your family. They did the same thing to my dad when my mom left. None of their damn business. I wish only the best for your mom.

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