I've been found out!

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  • millie210
    If she took pics of it on his computer that would probably be sufficient. That two witness rule gets pretty dodgy if conclusive proof is presented.

    Excellent point Dub!

    I should have read more carefully, the pictures makes a difference.

    I guess the massive invasion of Pale Es privacy in all this is a moot point to the elders (and to the nosy Nellie sister in law).

  • dubstepped

    They don't care about privacy. They care about punishment, about rules, and about keeping up appearances. They don't care about people, about love, about any of the things they claim.

    I DID like the point earlier about some sort of law that has to do with snooping around people's computers, and honestly if someone did that to me and it wrecked my life I'd probably come back with that law if it could work in my favor somehow. Or I'd just let it go and move on. Depending on the mood I'd either crush them like bugs or just let it ride and move on, lol.

  • MarkofCane

    That sucks pale emperor. Your fade just got accelerated to warp speed. If someone picked up my phone i would probably be in the same boat, I've become lackadaisical about my browsing history. So good reminder to watch out who might be snooping. "Note to self clear history and don't leave my phone around".

  • Dunedain

    Pale Emperor - My friend, I am being 100% SERIOUS, PLEASE PM me the elders that are harassing you, PERSONAL information. Such as NAME, ADDRESS, AGE, and so on.

    I WILL PERSONALLY DESTROY THEM. FINANCIALLY, REPUTATION wise, get them FIRED FROM THEIR JOB, and slowly, and deliberately crush every aspect of their lives.

    When I am thru with them, they will be withered husks of their former selves. They will be MENTALLY beaten, EMOTIONALLY ruined. Sleepless nights will abound for them. There WILL be NO comfort for their souls.

    They will thurst for mercy, but none shall be given. They will hunger relief, but it shall NEVER come.

    A great DARKNESS shall descend upon them, there will be NO light upon their footsteps, only MADNESS will direct them.

    I am the WATCHER in the night. I am the creak upon the roof. I am the sound in the night that grips you. I am the whisper in the wind that will drive you mad. I am soul CRUSHER, I am heart stopper, I am the creeper you CANNOT see, but KNOW is there. I am the SOUND you faintly hear, that SCREAMS in your head.

    BEWARE the JOB you thought was safe. BEWARE the paycheck that never comes. BEWARE the eviction from your home. BEWARE the credit card that cancels. BEWARE the insurance that doesn't pay.

    I am the HURRICANE. I am the GREAT STORM. I am the FIRE that burns. They will be the ASHES that remain.

    Pale Emperor, I IMPLORE you, PLEASE send these LOWLY men, MY WAY. They are DUST beneath my feet. I assure you, my friend, they have NEVER seen the likes of ME!!!!!!!

  • Unchaining

    Depending on the relationship...would think about pressing charges of invasion of privacy. At least put a good scare in to her so she doesn't do this to anyone else and makes others think twice before becoming Jdub Spies. The power the WTS has is very creepy....scary even. Where were all these spies when all those "faithful" (being sarcastic of course) were abusing all those innocent children? I wish you well. Thankful that you are no longer being fooled....that was my one prayer over and over again when I started to wake up...."God don't let me be fooled." It's amazing. The only prayers that were answered were the ones that helped me get OUT....

  • EndofMysteries

    Deny and ask why somebody was on an apostate site to supposedly find you. Since they admitted being on an apistate site will they be dfed

  • smiddy

    pale emperor ,your not pale emperor , I`m pale emperor , and I hacked into your pc .


  • Heartsafire


    Pardon me if you are being serious, but that comment was hysterical..."withered husks of their former selves"...omuhgawd I'm in stitches! 😂😂😂😂

  • TimeBandit

    I made this sign for you. Print it out and stick it in your window...(kidding of course)


  • Miss Worldly
    Miss Worldly

    I beg your pardon but, I think you will find that, I, am pale.emperor.

    Seriously though, I have no words of advice. I just know that you have a hell of a lot of support from the guys on here. Take it, revel in it and stick two fingers up.

    Sending best wishes.

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