I've been found out!

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  • JRK

    You have got to be careful what info you put out there, it can bite you in the butt!


  • Rather Be the Hammer
    Rather Be the Hammer

    I want to make an additional remark to my previous reply: It may be wise to tell your wife that you don't like her to work with brothers in fieldservice. Tell her that If she is going to do fieldservice, then working with sisters only.

    I think a lot of us know the stories...brother x and sister y....working together in FS... getting to know eachother...What better opportunity there is to get to know eachother, you have to spend an hour or two and there's nothing else to talk about...I mean, really, who talks about bible verses in FS??

    I know those stories in my own neighbourhood. So when I quit preaching years ago, I told my husband that I did NOT want him to go out in FS with other sisters. The fact that I no longer go out in FS does NOT mean he can work with other females, old, young whatever. He's still my husband.

    It works well. Last month some brother who forgot about this (or didn't know, yet) wanted him to work with a sister and he said: "No, my wife doesn't want me to and I don't want to get in trouble."

    Of course that is, if you want to save your marriage.

  • Vidiot

    under the radar - "You would be entirely within your rights as 'head of the household' to limit your child's exposure to the Truthâ„¢..."


    Play the "headship card" if you have to; what's good for the goose (WT) is good for the gander (you).

  • RobertT18

    How sad. Betrayed by your own family.

  • drewcoul

    Ask them who is making the accusation. Then tell them that you have a biblical right to have that person accuse you in person.

    That'll leave them stammering for a minute. They have to concede that to you. They must have the person make accusation in front of you unless you confess.

    My suggestion: Don't confess. Treat them as equals both intellectually and spiritually. Do not treat them like they are your superiors. Do your homework on how they are instructed to do their process. They will screw it up because they are ignorant.

  • RobertT18

    This might sound silly but with your username already in the known wouldn't they be able to go to this site and look you up and find this thread? I see no point in denying it.

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