I've been found out!

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Just reading this, I can't believe what an awful little cult the WTS is.

    So, an in-law just 'stumbled upon' your web history did she? More like actively checked what you had been legally viewing on your personal computer.

    I'm sorry that this will negatively impact upon you and your daughter.

    Denying is only an option if you've been very careful not to post anything that will identify you. The elders will go through all posts made by pale.emperor to see if it's you.

    As Kairos said, report this to the local authorities as an invasion of privacy. The elders might back off if you involve the law.

    PS - I'm definitely not pale.emperor.

  • rebelfighter

    Also, to add to my prior post I believe I remember reading a thread one day that stated they had sent a letter to the BOE that read something to the effect that if you read out my name as no longer a JW I will sue each one of you personally for defermation of character (I think that is the term, sorry I have one if my headache )


    Such control. They rob you of your freedom. Isn't it obvious that whoever tattled on you was in here too? Hypocrites. All I can say is that if any religion claims to be accurate, any research, studying and fact-finding will reveal this accuracy. They don't want JW's to be in here because they are afraid of you learning the real truths. I experienced being policed over, i.e. was followed by JW's to see where I was going. They find such joy in finding faults and condemning people for their faults. Are they so perfect and do everything right all the time?

  • konceptual99

    What evidence is there that pursuing a legal route makes any real difference?

    There might be a minority of cases where the elders, on the advice of the legal desk, determine discretion is the better of valour and forego the formality of a JC however they always find a way to discredit the individual and shunning as per normal is the order of the day.

    If p.e knows there is zero actual evidence then denying it is a valid route but if evidence does come to light then the elders will take a dim view.

    If there is evidence then p.e has very little to work with unless the method the evidence came to light by really, really can be legally, even criminally, challenged.

    The WT 87 9/1 "A Time To Speak" discusses a hypothetical situation covering medical confidentiality and leaves the door wide open for ones to put tale telling above their legal responsibilities. Don't expect the congregation to dismiss information coming via legally questionable sources. It might (and I stress might) prevent a formal JC being formed but the grapevine will put into action and shunning will ensue.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I take it your SIL is no longer welcome in your house? She'd never cross the threshold again until she begged for forgiveness for what she has done if this was me.

  • freemindfade

    This religion makes me sick. They pat themselves on the back as champions of freedom of religion while denying it to their own members.

  • Bonsai

    We are pale emperors! This is Sparta!

    I'm actually kind of jealous. Being outed can be like finally giving in and throwing up when you need to. After you get it out of your system you feel a whole helluvah lot better. I kinda secretly wish those MF GB ass lickers will come to my house and serve me my summons. Then I can continue the fine tradition of putting my JC on Youtube!

  • Billy ex Blaze
    Billy ex Blaze

    Looks like You've found me out. I'll admit that I am Pale.emperor.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I'll PM you with a solution that will work unless you straight up confessed to him. I just hope you haven't done that yet.

  • JWdaughter

    You are well out of it. The bandage has been ripped off. You now know that your sis in law is untrustworthy and should not be allowed in your home or have access to your daughter. Next will be seeing how human the rest of the JWs in your life are.

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