Born in, raised in, technically 2nd generation, as my parents came in, in 1973, just 2 years before i was born, in 1975. By the age of 22, i was gone thru unfair, unjust, and an unloving disfellowshipping. Seen the "hate", first hand, seen the hypocrasy, with my own eyes. I was betrayed by those who claim to love. I was betrayed by friends who claimed to care. Was even betrayed by a JW wife, who shared my bed. This was done in my congregation, by the shepards, and "freinds", and it was personal. Since then, i have come to learn that the evil, is from even further up the ladder. The WTS, have been liars, and false prophets, for over 100 years, and from their very roots. Their light has NOT gotten brighter, but much dimmer, nearly pitch black. They are the prophets of failed knowledge, false teachings, mis-quotings, and hiding their past. I am happy and free now. My life is my own, and my relationship with the universe, and vast powers that be, are no longer dictated by unloving men. I have a beautiful life now. A wonderful family of my own. I am a father, and husband. I own my own business, since my early 20's. I am a landlord, and own rental properties, which keep me busy. I own an automotive parts, delivery route. I can make my own hours, and enjoy myself with my family. Everyday is a new adventure, and i try to teach my daughters true happiness. I am happy to say, that my only sibling never baptized, and she is free of the cult. My, wonderful parents, are still in, but they are NOT indoctrinated. Even though i am DF'd, they have never stopped loving , and talking to me. They ARE true Christians, and see the hypocrisy, and the evil in the org. due to imperfect MEN. My father, who was an Elder, years ago, is now a "rebel", in the congregation. He will take his shirt off his back and give it to the orphan, and widow, just as quickly as he will tell the PO Elder to "fuck off", and eat shit. He hopes to try to help, and make changes from the inside out. A noble cause, in a world of no hope, but he still tries. I hope to effect change from the outside, in. Although i may be late to the party, i feel as though i have a calling to expose the WTS many, many lies. Their fruit is rotten, and i wish to help cut down the tree, before more innocents are poisoned by its fruits. I am a friend to everyone here, whether they are "IN" or "OUT". I hope to make many friends here, and share experiences. I hope to laugh with you, love with you, help you, and be helped by you. If we are becoming the army who watches the watchtower, i will stand with you all here, and will uphold the TRUTH, and help expose the lies. Hello my new friends, and maybe some old ones.