I've been found out!

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  • cofty

    I'm thinking all the tips on what to say might not work now considering somebody is reading this and reporting on you. Also the timing and content of the OP is not compatible with denial. They don't need to prove anything beyond reasonable doubt just to their own satisfaction.

    So to those elders and whoever is snooping - fuck you, get a life.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I can only think of 3 ways to "get busted" from being on this site --

    1) You give way too many personal details and someone who suspects you to be here is lurking and identifies you. And you're 1st post had a lot of details (if they were all true and you didn't stir-up the facts with some fiction).

    2) Someone looked at your computer history. Someone at home. Another JW at work.


    3) An individual who you trusted has ratted you out. Could be your spouse or someone you've opened up about since discovering TTATT. They may even have the idea that they are "helping you" by going to the Elders.


  • slimboyfat

    Personally I don't think it's really pale.emperor posting at all. It's someone trying to get him into trouble. Who would be stupid enough to post the details of what the elders said to him in these circumstances? Only somebody who is trying to frame him that's who! The elders obviously need to turn their attention elsewhere to identify what's really going on here.

  • Giordano

    May be the mystery is solved. I went back and read your earlier posts and came across this comment:

    "in case you haven't read any of my previous posts the situation is i'm in the process of fading, my wife's dad is an elder and has the annoying habit of telling the body of elders anything and everything my wife tells him in confidence.

  • redvip2000

    Just deny it. How can they prove it?

    You should have thought of that before you posted this thread. This thread confirms that this is indeed you. You forget that they can still come back here and continue reading that you are posting.

    @ the elders reading pale emperor's threads.

    Now that you are here, stay a while and realize that you belong to a delusional idiot cult, all you need is to have the courage to openly review the information here.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Awake JWs and faders who are still "in the closet" need to be very careful about what kind and how much information they share online.

    Avoid giving details about your situation that can be used to identify you. Everyone's situation is unique, so when you share lots of details about your situation you are actually identifying who you are even though you are anonymous!

    Think of it this way: Think of the unique collection of details that describe your situation as being like a serial number that uniquely identifies you. Each time you give some personal detail about your situation, it's like you've shared an additional digit of your serial number. Share enough details and you've revealed the entire serial number. Someone then only has to look at the serial number you've shared (perhaps gradually, one digit at a time, through multiple posts) and compare it with known serial numbers that link back to an identity.

  • FayeDunaway

    Hey lurking elder spies!! It's actually a lot happier out here. Don't be afraid.

  • steve2

    I am in two minds pale emperor.

    Had you disclosed private information, especially names and locations, addresses, etc, on this forum for you to be identified beyond all doubt? If so, did any other posters offer a kindly caution about doing so?

    Also, why would an elder confront you about such a serious matter over the phone and not ask to see you in person with another elder present?

    Why did you agree to talking on the phone about this matter?

    It very much sounds like you collapsed into confession mode - yet, if what you say is accurate, your privacy was unjustifiably breached? I'm also interested in who outed you and how?

    I'm trying to show respect for your situation - yet am bothered by lots of questions - because you are more or less saying that someone else on this forum turned you in - or had access to the members only section.

  • crazy_flickering_light

    Turn it against them! Deny it. Then tell them, you afraid that they believe brothers they read an apostate website. Tell them, you hope they pray for the brother who leave the truth and don't follow the rules.

  • slimboyfat

    Whoever it is that pale.emperor is impersonating should go on the offensive. He should ask the elders who has been spreading this false information. Do they know who has been impersonating him online and what are they going to do about it?

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