E-Man and HL are coming to the USA!!!!

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  • Mulan
    If you add sugar at the table, it just falls to the bottom of the glass and the drinker has to sit there and keep stirring and stirring and stirring.

    Dave worked in Japan several times in the past few years and he said they have simple syrup on all the tables in restaurants for their tea...........iced and regular. That seemed like a great solution to the sugar problem.

    I prefer my iced tea with a little lemon and no sweetener, so I wouldn't like Southern Ice Tea.

    My son in law moved here (Northwest) from Texas in 1986, and was furious when he got his first bill at a restaurant, and learned he was charged for each glass of iced tea he drank, about 6 I think. Times have changed since then and they don't charge for refills anymore.

    Waiting, remind me to look for the Gourmet Grits when we're there. Sounds great.

  • DakotaRed

    Instant Grits are blasphemy

  • Englishman

    Yup, we'll bring lot's of beer too. I presume USA parties are similar to the UK where everyone contributes?

    Oh, major news! Since our holiday in Greece I've become..hangs head in shame..a lager drinker!

    Bring on the Bud!


  • waiting

    Hey Mulan,

    In most restaurants, they have sweetened & unsweetened tea. Sometimes, the tea's just too sweet, so we go half&half a lot. lol - southerners drink gallons of ice tea.

    I'm sure Joy could lead us to the local shopping places for Gourmet Grits. lol - Super Walmart probably has them. Any good (southern or western) cooking store or gift shop will have them too.

    Hey Eman,

    Yeah, we have the same kinda gatherings - BYO (bring your own). It works. There's all kinds of beers available now in the usa!

    'bout 3 WEEKS!

  • noidea

    So what's on the agenda for Sunday morning? Hmmmmmmm maybe we can go to the local KH and answer all the Watchtower questions..nothing like a few disfellowshipped putting their 2 cents in. <g> Maybe E-Man can give the Sunday talk..no need in asking..just step toward the platform..what are they going to do, turn you down after you've come such a long ways? *ducks to avoid any thrown items So what's everyone planning on being for Halloween?

  • jst2laws


    Most Americans drink their beer so cold you cant tast it, really!

    That's understandable when you've tasted it

    Seriously, I much prefer cold beer to warm

    "That's understandable when you've tasted it" ??? UHM! Are you suggesting it is best NOT to taste American beer? (blah, blah, blah)


    Yes, we have Bud. Bud....WISE....eerrrrrrr.


  • Englishman
    Yes, we have Bud. Bud....WISE....eerrrrrrr.



    We even get that ad over here.

    I've stopped drinking beer. I'm drinking lager these days, which I suppose is similar to American beer.


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    will you be arriving , and staying in New York? I am interested in attending

  • Mindchild

    Noidea asked:

    So what's on the agenda for Sunday morning?

    Silly girl...don't you know that everyone is partying hard Saturday night as the Society scheduled Armaggedon for Sunday morning?

    I seriously doubt you will be able to get any apostate up and sober before noon. hehe


  • StinkyPantz

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