Parents taught me well. Began "publishing" at age 6. Enjoyed the privileges of daddy being on the service committee (before elders) Married an xBethelite, elder at age 18. Pioneered, went to Bethel married, left in '76 to raise a family. I thought the changes that took place in the mid 70's at bethel would filter down to the congregations. Well it didn't. When the CO started using the term "Mother"; *gag* along with all the backstabbing, gossipping, etc, I got the courage to read Crisis of Conscience. (Thanks ex-hubby for sharing) That's when the house of cards fell down. So I was a publisher for 40 years for a publishing company. And was liberated from the company for *gasp* apostacy. Yeah, from an organization. Not from God. I'm here to help others through the agnoizing realization of what waking up to the lies of the WTBTs really means in our lifes. You may contact me here through PM if you need to talk. PS 6 years later and I really have to acknowledge that there is a deprogramming that has to take place when leaving a mind control group. As much as anyone wants to rush the process it takes time. Give yourself time. There is no urgency anymore. I don't live under fear. I am truely free.