I was baptized as a witness in 1964. I spent 10 years in the fulltime service, 6 at Bethel, 17 years as a PO, with circuit and district responsibilities. That all ended in 2001, with the Watchtower's acceptance of my resignation as an elder without a thank you nor a goodbye. I always had doubts, even convictions the society was wrong on several issues. Over many years things seemed to get worse rather than better and I started becoming more vocal in my resistance. After butting heads with CO's for 6 years the last one decided I had to go. His dishonest efforts failed causing several on the body to consider leaving the organization. I was disfellowshipped for apostasy in February 2003. Having broken with fundamentalism I have learned to embrace the uncertainty that comes with the real search for truth. There are no absolute answers as the WT conditioned us to expect, but there is LOVE that unites everyone and everything, and only two laws for mankind, both regarding the same. Jst2laws