E-Man and HL are coming to the USA!!!!

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  • Englishman

    Joy and Steve cooked us breakfast one morning while staying with us. It was fabulous. Omelettes with jalapenos and other stuff too, really amazing.


  • waiting

    lol - hey Nina,

    Yeah - we could. But even in the Really Good Restaurants around here (and they are) - it's called Shrimp & Grits.....at $15.00 plus.

    Polenta does sound better....but nobody around here would know what it was. And then when they were told, they'd go "Waell, Haell, why didn't ya just called it Shrimp & Grits?"

    Lookin' forward to meeting so many friends!


  • waiting

    oops......computer liked my post so much, it repeated it.

  • Angharad

    OK What are Grits ?

  • Simon

    We put grit on the road in winter ... doesn't sound too apetising !

    I'm sure it's nicer than that though ...

  • Englishman

    Personally, I prefer a handful of hot gravel washed down with a cupful of sulphric acid. But grit would be nice at a pinch.

    "Little Willie went to school

    But now he goes no more.

    Because instead of H2O

    He drunk some H2SO4."

    Englishman rambling..

  • waiting

    Yo English People,

    If you can rent "My Cousin Vinnie"..........it'll help you out with the grits explanation. It's finely ground corn, btw. It can be cooked several different ways - but the usual way is just boiled.

    It's the dinner version that's added to with shrimp, ham, cheese, all kinds of stuff (and then called fancy names).

    I like the dinner version - but it's so funny to order Shrimp & Grits with a visiting yankee sitting across the table. They just look at it going "whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?"

    Y'all ever had a "mess of greens" as the vegetable at dinner? lol - took me a while to figure that one out too.

    What an education awaits you! Of course, if you're staying in Orlando....it's really not the south. It's Disney & shopping. If you have the time, St. Augustine (up the Fla coast aways) is wonderful - the backstreets of it. The Ol' Florida can still be found on the backstreets - good pizza too.


  • outnfree

    Well, this is one Nawthener who actually likes grits and always gets 'em when she flies South. (Of course the rest of my family thinks I'm totally NUTS!) But that joke about not ordering filet mignon at Waffle House is dead on, waiting, in my opinion.

    Joy, I am beginning to feel like you must've told Andy's that I'm a perpetual no-show or something! I e-mailed them a few weeks back -- no response. Now I phoned this morning after chatting with you and myself last night, got a recording and had to leave a message! Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    I am SO in need of a fun weekend! I may do the paper chain for myself, Princess, just to know how much longer I must endure! LOL

    Gleefully thinking about how GREAT this is going to be... what a guest list!!!


  • outnfree

    Ang, Simon, and E-man,

    Grits is [usually white] corn meal, NOT finely ground as it would be for polenta (usually yellow), boiled and served hot with butter (or bacon fat-yuck!) as an accompaniment to eggs & bacon, sausage or ham. Perhaps think couscous, only the meal is finer. As with couscous there are as many variations as flavors and ingredients a chef can think of adding -- hence waiting's shrimp and grits gourmet dinner. When speaking of generic grits, though, it's usually the plain old breakfast variety.


    How DOES a Southerner prepare iced tea? What do Yankees do wrong (other than opt for the packaged stuff from time to time? lol)?

    outnfree (a hot tea drinker, who does THAT wrong, too -- no milk )

  • Joyzabel

    Ok, since everyone is talking about drinks! I think it would be helpful for those coming to bring what they like to drink.

    We will have a big cooler filled with ice (yes, ice, us American's like our drinks cold) so you can plop whatever you are drinking in it.

    I figure around 1 pm on Saturday I'll start firing up the grill for the BBQ, so everyone can show up whenever. I'm sure it will be a free-for-all all afternoon. The weather has just been gorgeous. High's mid 80's, low's in lower 60's, so dress accordingly. The water has been so warm and clear. Very inviting. (hoping these decriptions will entice others to come enjoy the fun)

    Don't forget, Saturday, Nov 1 BBQ, American Style!


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