E-Man and HL are coming to the USA!!!!

by Joyzabel 331 Replies latest forum announcements

  • Simon

    Watch out America, the British are invading ... we're coming too !!

    Just this minute booked flights and car - we're flying into Tampa and will be having a family holiday as well ('cause we haven't been away at all this year yet). It's taken me the last 2 weeks to find cheap flights (damn missus and kids insisting on coming )

    Of course, we'll be wandering up to see everyone for the fest !!! (I'm soooo excited !!!)

    It's an unmissable chance to see so many people.

  • Angharad

    Whoo Hooo - I'm sooooo excited !

    It will be fantastic to meet everyone, and also nice to relax. I have my end of year exam the day before we fly out, so packing is going to be very last minute !

  • drwtsn32

    What?! Fellow Washingtonians like Mulan are going to be there? Well maybe my wife and I will have to go! Hey Mulan, pick us up on the way, mm kay?

  • Bendrr

    Joy2b I'd be interested in attending this den of iniquity myself. Pm me or email me. [email protected].


  • Bendrr

    SP, I'll cover you sweetie. Call or email me.


  • Joyzabel

    whooohooooo The British are invading!!!! whooohoooo!!!

    That's wonderful news,Simon & Ang, can't wait!

    Bendr, I'll pm you when I get home.

    Yeah, I want SP to come too. Please, come on SP, you know you'll have fun



  • Simon

    I'm so excited !!

    We've just been showing the kids the places we'll be going and they are as excited as us and can't wait

    We'll be driving around a lot and Angharad will do some cheuffering (sp) as well. I'm guiessing the driving is just like Canad? ... Drive on the left and flash your headlights / honk your horn like mad to make all the crazy people driving on the wrong side of the road get out of the way! Piece of cake.

    I'm loading up with Camera memory and stuff and have already labelled one card "bikini babes"

  • StinkyPantz

    Hmmm. . .the temptation. . .

  • Simon

    You know you want to come just to give me a big hug

  • Englishman

    Joy said:

    So if you are interested in joining our Internattional FreedomFest, yes I said "International", please PM me for details.

    So there you go, folks, an open invitation to the FreedomFest.

    Plus you meet some interesting Brits!

    So any of you Americans going to teach these stuffy English how to drink beer?


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