Flat earth vs round earth

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  • kairos

    We know that it's cooler in the shade during the day.
    Did you know that moon shadow is warmer than moon light?


  • MeanMrMustard

    @karios: I love it! You are trolling up to 12 pages now. Can I try? Ok, ok, ok... here I go...

    Ok you "ballers" - did also you know that if you stand in the moonlight, while holding a fresh pile of dog crap in your bare hand, the temperature drops an additional 7.3 degrees Celsius. You can't deny it unless you've tried it yourself. Simply claiming it is not true won't work here. This has been done countless times by others and if you are truly intellectually honest, you would perform the experiment yourself.

  • kairos

    It's like I'm an apostate to apostates...


    Here's another breadcrumb:
    Operation High Jump

  • jp1692
    Here's another breadcrumb

    Says the personal who is clearly clueless as to how cartographers work and what different map kinds of map projections represent.

    It’s impossible to accurately represent three dimensions in only two, but that doesn’t mean two dimensional maps are not useful. They clearly are. We use them all the time and successfully.

    Most maps are only two-dimensional. All you need is to understand the limitations of the model: what parts are accurate and which are not. This is true of all models.

    Everyone get this ... except those that don’t want to.

    Bias, beliefs and motivations are everything.

  • waton
    Did you know that moon shadow is warmer than moon light? kairos

    Have not checked this, but: the moonshadow reflects earthshine, and the rays coming back from that are mostly in the infrared, warmer. Anyway if the moon is smaller, made from the same stuff outside has to be a ball because of gravity, how can the Earth, mostly water outside and bigger, not be drawn into a ball too? and:

    why is the moonshadow terminator curved, and changing all the time? because it is a turning ball, just like the earth.

  • kairos

    Operation High Jump.


  • kairos

    You all ask the same questions just like we all did when when we awakened from the dubs.

    If you research, all of your questions will be answered. ( red pill )
    It takes some time.
    If you do nothing ( blue pill ) why does this subject and thread interest you?

    Look at all of the new members joining this site that have questions.
    We always suggest research. When doubts arise, more research.

    If you aren't willing to make some honest observations on your own time, I don't know what to tell you. If any of you are in the Bay Area, I'll happily meet you along the shore of San Pablo Bay and prove it to you in less than ten minutes.

    Remember when looking at JW Facts was scary?

  • smiddy3

    Is it just me ?

    I can`t believe this topic has gone on for so long

    Please put us out of our / your misery and commit your brother to an asylum .?

    He needs professional help

    judging by the length of this topic maybe some of us also need help.

  • waton
    if any of you are in the Bay Area--prove kairos

    you canthere look across ~ 60 miles of water, similar toward Chicago on Lake Michigan, the refraction alone stretch the image. the water has a clear curvature over that 60 miles. lots of good math on that.

    The only thing you will prove that you are not doing your math.

  • Jrjw

    Smiddy3 I said to my mam yesterday think we need to admit him lol

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