It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • dozy

    Is his final "confessional" livestream still up on Youtube? I was looking for it the other day but couldn't see it. Admittedly , it was a bit of a car crash.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    He deleted it but this response video has all the "highlights"

  • NonCoinCollector


    The confession video is still on his channel, it is has just been turned to Private. I don't know if private videos will post here, but this is the link that you can copy and past in your browser.

  • Simon
    Is his final "confessional" livestream still up on Youtube? I was looking for it the other day but couldn't see it. Admittedly , it was a bit of a car crash.

    Plenty of people have a copy of the original, unedited version, should anyone need it.

  • NonCoinCollector

    Oh that is funny that somebody disliked my posting Lloyd's actual live confession from his channel that he made private. Don't worry Lloyd Cult Member, I have my own copy and will post it to YouTube if he ever deletes it.

  • Dagney

    I went to the theater last night some OG exJWs. One of them had no idea about the LE drama. I'd like to point her to where she can see the video. She couldn't believe what we were telling her.

    I'm not the greatest at finding things, so if someone could help I'd be thankful.

    Never mind. I didn't read far enough up on the thread.

  • Athanasius

    In his pre-disfellowship video, LE claimed he had damaging evidence on the Watchtower that he would use during his hearing if the JC would make problems for him and his in-laws regarding shunning. While I doubt that LE has anything seriously damaging to the JWs in his files, I wonder what the Watchtower has on him which could be much more serious.

    Apparently the JW leadership doesn't consider him much of a threat. Otherwise why would they let him traipse around Watchtower headquarters with a video camera while dressed like an unkempt street person? Some have even mentioned the possibility that LE is a Watchtower mole. While I doubt that the JW leadership is that sophisticated, keep in mind that GB member Splane declared war on "apostates" during his convention rant last summer. So expect them to play dirty.

  • vienne

    Evans is too much of a donkey-eared narcissist to be a successful 'mole.' And he's not any sort of threat to the Watchtower. At best he gave a place for some x-Witnesses to vent. His threats rang hollow. Making a threat does not mean you have rocks to throw.

    People like him will always have a following. The world is full of the easily led. The x community seems to be composed of those who some honest 'apostates' who looked deeply into their religion and found it wanting. These are an obvious minority. Others, the vast majority, were tossed on their ear for morals issues, and they do not like it. Most disfellowshipped Witnesses fall into silence. A small number are very vocal. Of those who make videos, almost none are worth watching. Most are extreme, making videos about anything and everything, no matter how insignificant. Example? Elder's wife who can tell you what the Watchtower said in 1953 that she finds shocking and that she thinks should shock you too.

    Okay, you can down vote this post now. ...

  • JeffT

    I agree with Vienne. I've written before ( I think to some extent on this thread) about my wife and I spending a year researching the history and doctrines of the WTBS. This was in 1988-89, there was no internet. I still follow JW related topics because I find it interesting. I will cheerfully tell anyone who asks what I found out, but I do not feel any need to bang on doors to convert others to my "cause." (Is what Lloyd doing that different?) I've never needed a Lloyd Evans to expose the Watchtower for me.

  • Listener

    I don't think he's a mole. The Watchtower wouldn't have gone so far as to try to have him dismissed from the IISCA enquiry. Although it was interesting in itself as to why they tried so hard. Was he an embarrassment to the Watchtower?

    One of his other bad pranks that he pulled was when he was given the opportunity to speak to one of the GB members. He had been given some direct phone numbers and he ended up speaking directly to Tony Morris. Of all things, he chose to question him on 'tight pants'. With all the exJWs that have been hurt by this religion in one way or another, he chooses to that.

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