It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Typo

    So,it seems like both sides went quiet. I'm wondering if we are gonna wait a year for "authorities to investigate"... In the meantime,people on both sides will go mental. And Lloyd will keep on counting the monies

  • slimboyfat

    The things he admitted in his own livestream: the way he blames others for his situation, and takes no responsibility himself; plus the way he has marginalised and bullied others going back years, including victims—is more than enough reason to withdraw support. That’s what Mark O’Donnell, Kim Silvio, other YouTubers, and collaborators, and hundreds of his former Patrons have already concluded. There’s no need to wait for any of that to be investigated, the facts are in, and the strange live stream admission has already been delivered. There’s already more than enough information to draw a reasonable conclusion about the harm he has been doing and would continue to do if enabled to do so by his shrinking band of supporters.

  • WingCommander

    Since NonCoinCollector above brought up Randy Watters and I was researching the (young) internet for WT info about questions I had at about the same time (1999!) I thought it good to mention some REAL true activists and people who have helped so many more than Hemorrhoid Evans.

    1. Raymond and Cythia Franz

    2. James Penton, truly the most academic and scholarly history (with cited references!) that I have ever read.

    3. Carl Olaf Johnson

    4. Leonard & Marjorie Chritien (authors and hosts of the 1986 documentary film, "Witnesses of Jehovah.")

    5. Peter Gregerson (and parts of his family whom left with him)

    6. Don Cameron

    7. Randy Watters

    8. Barbara Anderson and her husband

    9. Bill Bowen (who leads up Silent Lambs)

    10. Mark O'Donnell, newest legal activist behind the scenes, much like Barbara Anderson

  • slimboyfat

    Paul Grundy too, useful information, fifteen years, free of charge.

  • nicolaou

    Alan Feurbacher, Leolaia, Amazing and many, many others who stayed behind their pseudonyms and eschewed the limelight.

    There were others like Kent Steinhaug who provided valuable inside documents on his WT Observer site and of course Atlantis who is still doing it unpaid and with no sense of ego.

    The self-important statement by Evans that his work is "too important" to be stopped shows just how blind he is to all but his own interests and efforts.

    JW's and XJW's will be just fine without him.

  • Sanchy
    Paul Grundy too, useful information, fifteen years, free of charge.

    Indeed. Paul deserves major credit for the great site he built. JWFacts was crucial back when I was connecting the dots of my doubts.

  • Listener

    Simon needs to be mentioned as well. The many hours, too numerous to keep count of that has gone into providing and maintaining this forum has provided a wealth of information over many years. The disclosure of Watchtower being a DPO of the UN in real time on this forum is is just one interesting piece of history. It's also provided plenty of support to many.

    Does anyone know what happened to all the money that was donated to AAwA which Lloyd ran?

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

    Listener asked

    Does anyone know what happened to all the money that was donated to AAwA which Lloyd ran?

    I am sure Lady Lee is still running AAWA and you would need to ask her about that. I know she is no longer on this site as she left after JLE's escapade on her. Type in Lady Lee and you will find all her posts
  • Justaguy

    I disagree in some respects that people who run boards like this one, or JW facts or other resources, are not an important part of waking people up.

    Yes, people must want it and yes they have to accept and think for themselves, however, having these tools is a major piece of the puzzle for many.

    I use myself as an example. I was happily serving as an elder with no doubts when i cam across this site by random google search. A little reading, cause im strong enough, and now i have questions i cant answer. Yada yada here i am. Without this site…. I dont know. Im still serving I think.

  • Simon
    plus the way he has marginalised and bullied others going back years, including victims

    This has almost been the most shocking revelation to me (I mean, yeah, the hookers-for-years with no shame thing is still unbelievable) but the idea that someone calls themselves an advocate, and raises money of victims stories, and then turns round and bullies those victims if they dare to question something or object to their story being used?

    That right there is why anyone donating money is NOT supporting victims by doing so. If anything it is aiding abuse.

    Sad that these people were silenced by him and others on his bidding.

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