It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    That was restrained, I would have been demonetised within the first 10 seconds...

    I hope LE is finished in the advocacy line and I hope enough people make sure that happens behind the scenes regardless of what LE thinks or wants.

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

    Thank you Mike and Kim for resurrecting this. I never got to watch it the first time around.

    To answer your question "Have I ever been verbally abused by John Cedars aka James Lloyd Evans?" Yes, yes I have. He did it in a private message on my old facebook account. I spoke about this further up in this thread on page 15 if anyone wants to read it because I'm so not repeating myself.

    It has been a tiring week for us all and watching the current Evan's Gate followers cements it for me, that he's not going to go away. They were asleep in the org and they're still asleep now. They just replaced one leader for another. I have replied to comments, had my comments banned, deleted, reported from Lloyds faithful sheep. I have noticed the same language that current JW's use when we shout against Watchtower's bad policies and doctrines, as for those who are following Lloyd.

    I help to administrate a group on Facebook and I am so done with all of this. If people are not going to listen and use their perceptive powers about this narcissistic abusive individual, then I don't know how much more help I or anyone else can be for them. There have been several people he has hurt and he still keeps on going. He's committed one of the most heinous sins, one that you can actually get executed for in Afghanistan and he still keeps going. People flock to him. Just like they flocked to Watchtower.

    He could have used those funds at any point to help those girls out of the situation they found themselves in. He could have used those funds to set up a sanctuary for ex JW's who get kicked out of their JW parents homes for no longer wishing to be JW's, like what happened to me. He didn't. He used it for self gratification, hurt his wife and his children and then turns it around on anyone who says how they actually feel about this horrible, disgusting act and makes it out that Kim S is responsible for his sh!tty behaviour. What a horrible, horrible individual.

    Bible or not, this disloyalty brings shame to his wife and he caused that, no one else caused it but him alone with his selfish degrading actions. She could get all of his money in a divorce because he was unfaithful to her. I hope she sees her self worth and I hope she realises just how much she could destroy him for this. I personally hope she does it because he does not love her. If he loved her, he would not have been unfaithful.

    I am empathising with the community who are really angry at this and yet again, have it turned around on us, anyone who dares to question Lloyd. Rant over. Love to you all.

  • pistolpete

    You crack me up.

    You got me interested in drawing again.

    One picture-------a thousand words.


    I started a thread :

    They are deleting my posts : Why XJW Activists Quit...

    Sister Pfister has deleted and blocked my comments on her video, where she blames the entire XJW community for causing all of Lloyd Evans problems. She claims that Lloyd has done great work, and that he is just a normal human being with faults just like everyone else. She states that she was also sexually abused and that her first husband cheated on her. She finds that all of Lloyd's problems are between him and his wife.

    Here are two comments made by her loyalists. I called her on why the XJW community is unrelenting on why he needs to stop his ''so-called activism'' and go away. I commented that Lloyd took on child abuse cases against the Watchtower Society, while he is vacationing in Thailand admitting to using prostitutes.

    Melanie O'Reilly

    1 day ago

    Yes, Lloyd has done an excellent job. It's a shame that he was betrayed in the way that he was. I also agree he should take down the post, because he should never have been put in that position in the first place. I hope he comes back to Activisn, because he is REALLY good at it. I like your advice though. Yes, Thailand - several members of my family went on vacation there, and it was not for sexual services. His sexual proclivities does NOT negate his excellent activism. ACTIVIVIISM IS HIS IMPORTANT WORK - SO PEOPLE SHOULD STOP DRIVING HIM AWAY FROM IT

    I'm going to be honest. I don't think this is a coincidence. There have been a group of JWs who have hated Lloyd for a long time. I won't name names because I don't want to be the next target, especially because I'm getting ready to start a YT channel although it's going to be focused on all kinds of issues that are important to me, not just one subject. I'm trying to think of how to hint hint at it without saying it. I'll say out loud one is Kim and Mikey (yes I know Kim S is not the same Kim) because and there are others who I feel are jealous and have political disagreements with him.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I wonder what Marc was talking about towards the end of the video about other things coming out from other family members?!

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    There appears to be more to come out and people are waiting for the source to spill the beans or give the nod (or something like that).

    The Burger guy who did the Kim video said as much on reddit that he knows stuff and has had it confirmed but is waiting for the above to happen. I hope he is the real deal and not bluffing here, it doesnt seem so but i always go with caution.

  • Simon
    Marc is back!!!!!

    Great response and spot on in everything he said.

  • Simon
    I am empathising with the community who are really angry at this and yet again, have it turned around on us, anyone who dares to question Lloyd. Rant over. Love to you all.

    Don't let that rancid (perfect word!) jerk intrude in your life, don't lose sleep over him and don't worry about his little group of sycophants who can't see what he is or, more accurately, lack the morality to care.

    The majority of decent people see-through things and recognize people's true character, whether good or bad.

    I'm sorry I wasn't more aware of what he was doing to other people on other platforms so that I could have offered more support at the time.

    Newly Enlightened

    The comments I posted were from two of her loyal followers. I called her out on those two posts. I have fixed the post. THEY WERE NOT MY COMMENTS! SORRY IF YOU THOUGHT I MADE THOSE COMMENTS AND GAVE ME THE DISLIKE BUTTON.

  • Dagney

    Great video by Marc.

    Quick question. Marc and others have mentioned something happened with ICSA and LE. Can someone tell me or point me where I can read/see what happened please. I mean what the heck!


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